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Monday, January 10, 2011

DesignStudio Class: Basic Cards

Hi everyone....
Just a quick note as I get ready to run out the door this morning... kids to school, errands to run...
I scheduled a DesignStudio Basic Cards Class!  Here's a LINK to the LMSY blog for the details.  In an attempt to cut back on extra work for me and delays to you, I created a "Buy Now" button on that post so you can instantly pay and know if you are in the class.  If you are in need of a formal invoice I can create one for you otherwise you can simply click the button and pay for the class.

Also, not sure if you've heard but there is a paper crafter by the name of Katie that is going through some tough medical issues. There are a number of crafters that have gotten together to help raise some money for her treatments.  More info on that HERE.

Have a wonderful day!

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