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Monday, January 24, 2011

You've got a SPELL on me!

There are a couple challenges going on that I decided to participate in. The first is a Sketch Challenge over at WaltzingMouse.

Here's the sketch:

I altered it to fit my need... The other challenge is a SCAL Forum challenge.  Basically, you have to create something using SCAL and it needs to have a Valentine's theme.

So, I created the bottle in SCAL, cut it out, colored it up with a mix of markers and then glittered it to make the potion mysterious and special.

Here is a close up of the tag I made. It's a stamp that I used on shrink plastic to make a charm for my potion bottle.  The original size of the tag/stamp was the same size as the sentiment area that I die cut for the inside of this gatefold card. Oh... and I used the third heart stickpin to wire the charm to the bottle by wrapping it around and hooking it on itself.

I used a gold marker around the layers on the black cardstock to really help them pop.

That's it. Easy peasy! Have a great evening.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just a few tweaks...

I've been fiddling with my blog today. Just making a few design layout tweaks. A few months ago I added a signature to my posts. And today I added a post divider. Then I decided that I didn't need both so I combined them into a signature divider.

I'm hoping to make a few more little changes over the next few weeks. No rush. Just playing when I have time. The only reason why I mention it is because I do have 2 or 3 people that come visit me frequently. They have become use to where to find things on my blog. This message is for them... I'm about to shake things up! lol

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to: Handmade Stickpins

Hi everyone,
Today I have a quick tutorial on how to make the stickpins I used in the card I showed you yesterday.

You will want to work on a silicone or non-stick craft mat. The one I use is a semi-translucent white mat that I picked up at a craft store 12 or 15 years ago. I haven't seen them in stores lately but some of the new non-stick craft mats (similar to the baking mats) should be just fine. Or, you could give the Hot Glue Gun Helper a shot.

Next you will need to get yourself some head pins from the jewelry area at your craft store.  I found a bag of 2" length head pins, 165 pieces, for $3.  With a 40% off coupon that's less than $2.

And, this is another glue gun  project so while you're gathering your supplies you'll want to plug in your HOT glue gun.  Give it a good 20 minutes or so to get nice and hot Smiley from millan.net before you try to make these pins.

Place a headpin on your mat. Then use your glue gun to make the heart.  I plopped a small dollop of glue just beyond the edge of pin's head and then pulled back toward the pin. Then placed a second small dollop to the right of the first and pull back again over the pin in a "V" formation to make the heart.
Let the pin cool. Inspect your decorated pin. If you have any funny lumpy bumpy areas, just take the pin and lightly brush the cooled glue against the tip of your hot glue gun to remelt and change any bits that need to be altered.

Once the "bead" is cooled you can decorate it.  There are a number of options:
First I tried opaque marker. This is a pink metallic marker that I found at my office supply store. It covered really well. And it had a nice pearlescent appearance to it.

Then I tried some glitter glue.  Because the glitter is suspended in a clear liquid it needed two coats to get full coverage.

Last but not least, I tried a loose glitter.  I debated on the various types of adhesives to use so the glitter would stick and decided on a glaze.  I schmeared a bit on....

...and then plunged the bead into a container of loose glitter.

Oooo aaaaah! Pink glittery goodness!  Smiley from millan.net

The glaze did add a bit more dimension to the original 'bead' size but I think all three options turned out really great.

I ended up only using two of the three pins on my card. Not because I didn't like the third pin but because I thought three was a bit overkill.
I hope this idea is something you can use. I'm going to give round beads a try next!
Enjoy your weekend!Smiley from millan.net

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Love You...

**This card featured in the March 2011**
**Scrapbook News & Review**

Oh my goodness! I think I am about to set a personal-best for 2011.  Posting three days in a row! Smiley from millan.net
Today I'm sharing my first Valentines card for 2010... Smiley from millan.net

The card came together so quickly once I had all the embellishments ready. And once again, everything used was something I already had in my stash. (Oh yes! I love saving money! Smiley from millan.net)

I just love the flower.   I love the versatility of being able to use my .cut file with any paper or cardstock I want so the completed embellishment coordinates with the project I am going to use it on.

Did you see I used some stickpins on my card? (A first for me!) I made them. (Another first for me!) And it's probably not what you think. I didn't use any beads. If you're interested, I can post a tutorial. You will LOVE how easy they are.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!  Have a terrific weekend.
Shameless plug alert.... If you're interested in joining in my DS Cards class tomorrow, we still have a few spots available!! You can click HERE to find out more about that.
Smiley from millan.net Toodles....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tutorial: Burlap wreath

I'm baaaaack!  (I know, shocking!)
With the step-by-step instructions that I used to make my wreath.  When I purchased the burlap, I originally was going to do something like THIS,  but I was afraid that the red from the burlap I purchased would bleed (no pun intended, really) onto my creamy colored door.  So, I revised my plan a bit and went THIS direction instead....

First things first... gather your supplies. And plug in your hot glue gun. It needs to be hot and ready for action when you are done cutting your burlap. You can use what ever wreath you want. I happened to have an unused grapevine wreath in my stash so that's what I used.

Unless the person at the fabric store took the time do cut the burlap along one of it's threads, you will want to trim off the crookedly cut edge from your burlap.  Along the bottom edge, select one of the vertical threads that makes up the weave of the burlap and cut along it all the way to the other end.

Using the same technique, measure over and cut your burlap into 4" strips.

Now, take each 4" strip and cutting along a thread like above, measure and cut at 4" again.

When you're done you'll have a stack of 4" squares.

I hope your hot glue gun is hot!  It's time to start gluing.  Take one of your squares and fold it in half one direction, then fold it in half again the other direction. (You'll have a 2" folded square.)

Holding the folded square at it's folded point, cut the other 'loose' points into a rounded shape.

Something like this.

Now, hold the folded square at the loose end and put hot glue on the folded point.  Don't be skimpy.

Slip the point into an opening on your wreath.

The beginning of your wreath .... Now rinse and repeat about a million times. (lol)
For those of you that have a different type of wreath... Don't fret! I've got you covered. 

If your wreath is flat (Styrofoam, straw, etc) or like me you run into an area that needs burlap glued to it but you can't get the folded point in between the branches (yes, if you zoom in on the picture above you will see the glue remains where I pulled a burlap petal off) here is an easy fix:

Before putting the glue on the burlap, take your scissors and trim off the point on the folded end of the folded square.  This will make if flat - - easier to apply to a flat-surface wreath.  Make sure you put plenty of hot glue on that cut off area of the folded burlap so it will adhere securely.

One-by-one add the petals...

Just keep folding and gluing....

... folding and gluing.... Until you achieve the look you are going for.

Then, I just looped a nice wide ribbon through the middle of the wreath and tied a knot. I took a separate piece of ribbon and made the bow and attached it to the ribbon loop. I hung the wreath using one of those small, clear removable hooks.  (For those of you that are looking at all of these pictures and wondering how many wreaths I made... I made one. The burlap more closely resembles the final picture -- cranberry red-- than the tutorial pics -- tomato red. Not sure why the strange color differences.)

I hope you all go and make a wreath. I may even go back to HobbyLobby and get some other colors of burlap so I can make different color wreaths to fit all of my moods. Smiley from millan.net
Gotta run! Pinewood Derby day. Smiley from millan.net