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Monday, November 15, 2010

It's New to Me

Do you ever get an itch to try something new? Smiley from millan.net  I do. Sometimes I pine about it for days... weeks... months... even years! Such is the case with today's project. Back in March of 2008 I saw a tutorial about soldering together a really cute charm for use on a bookmark or a card or as an ornament. It was darling. I decided right there and then I wanted... no! NEEDED to try soldering.

I had a sweet friend when I lived in Illinois that used to do these amazing stained glass projects. I thought about getting into soldering at that time but I was fairly certain that (1) stained glass was too expensive and time consuming for me; and (2) I wasn't sure I liked the styled patterns that were available to choose from. (I can't believe how closed minded I was back then.  Sheesh!)

Anyway, it really would have knocked down the walls of intimidation about getting this project off the ground. Holy moly! I really could just kick myself sometimes.  Remember how I said I saw that tutorial back in March 2008?  Well, I finally scraped together enough pennies to buy a full solder kit with gun, copper tape, flux, everything in it. Understand, I didn't buy the kit last week. Not even a month ago. I bought the kit back in December!! Yes! That's right readers.  This kit has been sitting in the other room in the sealed shipping box it arrived in since I received it ELEVEN MONTHS AGO!

Seriously! What was I thinkin'?  I guess I was thinking about how great these cool bookmarks will be for my nieces for Christmas! Yay me! Heaven knows if I have made them before now I'd be stumped on what kind of fun little gifties I'd be needing to come up with in just a few short weeks.  Can you believe Christmas is just  weeks away?  Oh golly Miss Molly! There is stuff to get done and not lots of time to be gettin' it done.

For those curious about what I used for today's project here we go... The solder kit is by Simply Swank and is available at Ellen Hutson LLC.  (I was not given this kit or any of the supplies used in today's post. I bought it all with my own money.)

In addition to the kit, I also purchased a Soldering Mat. It's a heat resistant to 500 degrees and also non-stick so the solder won't stick to it, neither will your project. Cleans up nicely too.  I suppose it's similar to those fancy shmancy cooking mats and other craft mats available on the market but I haven't done a side-by-side comparison.

Smiley from millan.net Oh, before I forget...  Simply Swank has a couple good videos showing how to prep and care for your soldering gun HERE.
And Ellen Hutson has some good picture-tutorials for making a couple different soldered projects HERE.

Hope you're all having a terrific Monday.Smiley from millan.net  I hope you will try something new. Who knows. Today could be the day you find yourself another creative outlet.



  1. Oh my - I am soooooo glad to know that I am not the only one who does this! I too bought one of these because I just HAD to try it and it too is still sitting in the closet on the shelf untouched. Yikes! You've inspired me though to brave my "fibber magee" closet and drag it out! Thanks. ~chris

  2. Very fantastic. I wanted to solder about 2 years back, I bought the whole shebang of supplies needed and I found that my hands would not behave in the process so my kit sits in the pantry waiting for me to get brave again. I hope to see more of your soldering, Jen.


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