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Monday, October 18, 2010

This place is haunted!

BittenByTheBug2 is having a little Haunted House challenge. I don't usually make time to do challenges. They can really be a lot of fun. I don't know why I don't participate more often. But this gave a chance to add another detail to my Halloween decor.  Nothing super elaborate... just a little something to give a bit of glow to my holiday decore.

After putting the votive together i wanted to make the plain black cardstock glisten a bit so I painted on some glue and sprinkled on some glitter. The glitter was clear so I had hoped it would shine black. But it didn't. It looks more like frost on a black surface. So i didn't glitter the whole thing. It's plain on one side and frosty on the other. lol
I wasn't sure if i wanted to line the widows with paper.  I quickly discovered that a liner was necessary because when they weren't lined the light didn't diffuse properly. The yellow paper definitely helped with that. Not that it has to be yellow... it could have been green or blue or purple or white....

And now for it's place of honor on my dining room table.  Yes ok, it seemed really big above but it's quite small in comparison to some  of my other creations.  My son was so proud that he was able to turn on all of the little votive candles all by himself.  The ones that look like candles are supposed to sit in the cups for the candelabra but the cups aren't attached so they all fall down when he tries. No worries, the candelabra still looks great without it's candles.

Hope you all have a fantastic night! I hope to have more to share with you soon.

  • Cricut, Design Studio, Heritage cartridge, Plantin Schoolbook cartridge
  • glue, glitter and a battery operated tea light


  1. Jen, I love it!!! Glad you enjoyed doing it for the challenge!!!

  2. I love your haunted house, all lite for the festivities, thanks so much for joining the challenge at BBTB2. Sandi

  3. Oh my, Jen...what a fantastic haunted house. I love it, and it's especially great since you joined in on our BBTB2 challenge. Fantastic ...

  4. Great haunted house Jen. I love your whole display, very spooky.

  5. OMG I love it! Your Halloween decor looks great! Awesome job...Thanks for playing with us at BBTB2!


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