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Monday, October 4, 2010

Rainy Day Projects...

Hi Everyone,
Usually when it's rainy you'll hear people say, Smiley from millan.net"Rain, rain go away! Come again another day!" But not me. I love the rain. Maybe because I live in the desert and we NEED rain. Mostly our "rain storms" consist of a lot of thundering and some lightning, some wind and maybe a bit of moisture. The storms move in and out fairly quickly lasting only 5-10 minutes and then they're gone. The funny things is, I didn't even know we were expecting rain. My son and I were out early this morning running errands. It was 90 degrees F, clear skies and a bit of a breeze. The storm blew in after we got home and were inside putting our groceries away.

Smiley from millan.netSo.... what do you do on rainy days?  Sometimes i curl up with a book and a blanket and read. Today, I worked on a project. I happened to have a couple nieces that have birthdays coming up. I purchased the supplies last week and today was the day to put them together.

These little Card Clutches were inspired by a project that Kathy showcased on her blog last week. Aren't they fun? Mine aren't super decorated on the outside because I put more stuff inside.  I had to run the ribbon around vertically to hold them closed.  Smiley from millan.net Now that I think about it... I guess I could go back and put some horizontal bits on them without causing too much of a problem. 

Anyway, all of these goodies were found at the Dollar Spot at my local Michael's, which makes this fun gift totally affordable. (Total cost runs about $6.)  And I love how all the bits coordinate so nicely.  I had to get red pencils for one of the kits because I couldn't locate the leopard pattern ones, but I still think it works...  To create the clutch you just need a set of cards with envelopes from the Dollar Spot. Two cards were used to create the clutch. The envelopes were used to create the pockets in the clutch. The left over cards are inside the clutch and can be used to put pictures on like a mini-album or used for notes, journaling  or doodles.  What ever these little girls dream up.

Okily dokily y'all. Hope your day is going well.  Take care!

  • Cards and matching accessories: Michael's
  • Ribbon: Red (Michael's), Pink (Target)
  • Glue: ZipDry, hot glue gun


  1. Jen, I have to tell you, it's soooooo darn cute!


  2. Jen, these card clutches are just fab! How fun!

  3. What a great gift these would make! How fun!

  4. These clutches are adorable, I'm going to give them a try. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, card clutches are fantastic idea. I live in Phoenix,AZ and we have lightning that scares me. I love the rain, but not that lightning which is so unpredictable. And I hate August monsoons. But oh how I love the rain.
    When it rains, I watch it. I languish in the wet street and the plants reaching up to grab some long awaited rain. Yep, I love rain.

  6. Fabulous Jen. Haven't been by in awhile. Will do better. Thanks for sharing You are an awesome paper crafter and expert on DS.


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