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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Special Beady Gift for Mo

I have this cute friend. She's a cyber friend. We've never met in person but we've emailed back and forth. We both have 5 yr old kids (she has a daughter, I have a son). And we are both paper crafters. I think her specialty is scrapbook layouts but she can make anything. I love her creations. They are wonderful! Anyway, she's going through a rough time right now.  A couple months ago she was diagnosed with what they thought was Stage-4 (can-you-hear-death-knocking) cancer.  Thank the heavens above it turned out to be only Stage-3, but still... C-A-N-C-E-R.  I think I had 4 different people tell me that they or their loved ones were diagnosed with cancer in one week's time. 

Ok... back to Mo. (Hiya Girlie!Smiley from millan.net) Well, that's my name for her. Her real name is Monique. I gave her the nickname Mo. Didn't really ask her permission about it. It just sorta slipped out and, well, for me it stuck.  (Hope that is ok Mo.Smiley from millan.net)   So she got through her first round of chemo like a true champ. She had her ups and downs but overall her attitude is really great. And the results were really good. Her doctors are very happy with what they found after the first round.Smiley from millan.net She's now moved on to a new chemo. At first it was great - she wasn't sick like she had been with the previous chemo. But now she's been dealing with achy muscles, low energy, etc. Smiley from millan.netThank goodness she has lots of friends and family near her that are helping her out, which is so great.  I live about 500 miles away so I'm not able to do that otherwise she'd probably be sick of the site of me.

Anyway, I've been wanting to put a little something together for her and send it off to her to let her know I'm thinking of her. I've been sending her emails but sometimes it's just so much better to receive something in the mail, ya know what I mean?  Somehow it's taken me two months to finally make the time to do it. Yup, A#1 worst friend on the planet. Sorry. I've just been so busy with getting my son mainstreamed and taking care of getting his school district edu-muh-cated on how to change the batteries on his processors, what CIs are, what his needs are, etc, etc, etc.... I just kept putting my crafting projects off until "tomorrow."

Well, today was the day.  As soon as my son was off to school I took care of a few household chores and then got to work. I cut down the acrylic to fit the sticky notes, bound it together and then decorated it using some 1/2" and 1/4" super sticky double-stick tape and some microbeads and glitter.  The beads are nice to use on their own but there are always some open spaces between the beads that makes it look like somethings missing so I rubbed in a bit of fine glitter and -- ta da! -- it's done.

Then I filled the barrel of a pen with the same beads and glitter so it would match and added a simple bead treatment to the inside and outside of the card so the three items would all coordinate.Smiley from millan.net

Easy peasy!   So, why on earth did it take me so long to do this. Sheeesh!  So sorry Mo!
Well, I hope you all don't procrastinate like I did when you have a loved one that you care about and you want to send a special something to let them know you're thinking of them.
Have a great night!  I'm off to vacuum up glitter off my carpet. Smiley from millan.net I dropped the tube when I was cleaning up. Smiley from millan.net That's me... the scatter-brained clutz.

  • Adhesive: Tape -on acrylic and inside of card:  O'So Sticky Tape (Pennywise Arts), Glue - on outside of card: Sure Tac (PennywiseArts)
  • Beads: Fuschia (They came from a company that has gone out of business, but you might be able to find some at PennywiseArts, or Martha Stewart)
  • Glitter: Tourmaline (Martha Stewart)
  • Cardstock:  Raspberry Fizz (PaperTreyInk), White (Georgia Pacific)
  • Other: Glaze (Ranger) , Bind-It-All and black O-wire (3/8"), Face of card was computer generated in PSE,black Sharpie, Ribbon (Michael's), Post-It 3x3 notepad.


  1. Oh, Jen, I am so very sorry to hear about your friend. I do hope things turn around for her and I'll add her to my prayers.

    She'll love the gift you made for her, it's very special! And, it's just like you to do something like this for her. I've always thought you were special too!

  2. great gift & great friend!! She will love it!!
    Virtual Hug for Mo, feel better girl - Kick that nasty cancers -ss!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a pretty gift!

    I'd love to have you link up in Scraptastic Saturday!


  4. Thank you SOOO much for stopping by and linking up!!!


  5. What a dear friend you are (NOT "worst friend on the planet"!!!) to remember Mo in her challenge against the Big C. What a drag! To Mo and all our friends sharing in this battle, remember this: "You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to discourage her." Stay positive, and know you have this Great Big Scrapworld out here praying for you! And Jen, sending some prayers of gratitude out for being a terrific and supportive FRIEND with a capital F-R-I-E-N-D!


  6. Very pretty gifts,Jen.Those made from the heart always are.
    The Big C is scary BUT there are many who beat it. Courage and best of luck to your friend Mo.

    PJ(Jessie Adams)

  7. Jen, this is just a super wonderful gift for your sweet friend. I am sending hugs to her with thoughts of healing. I just lost two of my high school friends in the last 3 months from this incidious disease..

  8. Jen, you are a terrific friend. I know Monique will love your special gift. Love and prayers, she will make it thru. Hugs to Monique and you for caring so much.

  9. What a gorgeous gift for your sweet friend Jen! I am sure she will be thrilled with this wonderful note pad & card that you made for her! Sending happy, healthy thoughts to both of you :)

  10. What a lovely gift for your friend! :)

  11. Outstanding project...and what a great gift for your friend!

  12. You have a BIG <3 Jen! Great job and I'll keep Mo in my prayers!


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