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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can you give me a lift, Cupcake?

So last night I'm minding my own business. Wandering the web. Checking email and (*blip!*) and email shows up from my friend Joann. Smiley from millan.net (Hiya girlie!!)

Joann's great! Every once in a while she brings me a project that I didn't know I had to make. And, last night when I was about to turn everything off and go to bed.... well, one of those projects showed up.She and a friend had been to a craft show and seen a cake stand. She took a couple pics of it and sent them my way with the ever-so-innocent question.... "Can you make this?"

You know me. So shy about trying a challenge...Smiley from millan.net
So.... here it is. What do you think? It's about 11 1/2" tall and 11 1/2" wide. The plate above is a small cake plate. The plate below is a large dinner plate.

I can tell you that if you want to put something with weight on it, you will want to use good sturdy cardstock and you'll want to add additional risers/uprights for stability.
Now that I'm done with my pictures, my son has adopted it as his own...

  • CUT FILE: ** Cricut, DesignStudio, George and Plantin cartridges (ProvoCraft)
  • Cardstock (PaperCo.) Fine for lightweight items to be placed on top but not heavy ones. If you will want to place heavy objects on this cake plate I recommend using covered chipboard.
** Refer to Cut File link to see how to get my files.


    1. Oh Jen, this is so "JEN"... you are so amazing. How tall is it? AND if you were to add additional risers/uprights for stability, how would a person do that? Well I be back a little later to buy a copy.

    2. Hi Sandy,
      The height is about 11 1/2" tall. I think I'll add an additional tab with risers that are half that high so that you have an option.
      And, instructions for adding additional risers is included in the file. No worries, girl. I got our back.

    3. You are so awesome... I love your amazing creations. I have no idea what I will do with this, but I think it's pretty cool. Thanks my friend.

    4. Oh Darn, I didn't say what file I wanted when I did the donation.. it's this one.

    5. Jen, this is amazing!!! I've got to go check out where to get this from you!

      Oh, and I agree with Sandy, it IS so you!!!

    6. Jen, I don't see anywhere to purchase this and I'd love to have cut file. Sandy mentioned buying it but, if so, where do I go to get it? I'll be glad to pay for it or leave a donation. Please let me know how I can get it. You know me, I love your projects and cut.files!!!

    7. Hi, Jen. I found the "Donate" button and msde a donation to you but I didn't see anywhere to make my selection. Can you send me the design studio cut.file in the George/Plantin cart. I'll email you my email address again -- just in case you don't have it anymore -- will that be okay?

    8. This is really great. I made a donation and would appreciate the file in Design Studio in either Plantin or George.

      Elaine Hice

    9. Hi Jen,
      Don't need this file right now, but just wanted to say how neat it is to see you on the message board and designing. Nice to see a picture of Parker also..
      Have fun and take care,

    10. You rock!!! Love it, Love it. I just sent my donation, Please send the file in SVG. Thank you.

    11. Hi Margaret, I don't see a valid donation for you. Please contact me at jensbrainthings at gmail dot com

    12. Hi Jen,
      I would love to have this file in svg format Thank You

    13. Hey Jen Hope you are having a great day. I made a donation and requested files a couple of days ago. I understand that you said up to 72 hours but I am not even finding the posts where I requested the files. Almost feels like neverland.

    14. Would love the cut file of the cake stand,
      You ROCK it is soooo cool.I made a donation so please send it my way

    15. Beautiful stand, outstanding work as always!

    16. Hi JenC! It's been a while but I knew you from CDS forum. I understand you are taking donations now and I was wondering if I could email you a "request." I unfortunately don't have your email address stored in the laptop so if you could please email me AnnieBananie420@aol.com when you have a minute :)
      (NewBugInYourEar from Cricut)


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