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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anyone Interested....???

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I know there are a few people out there that still want live classes and forums with me and Diane ("Capadia Designs"). We played with the project based class idea but we weren't sure if it was really a great idea. We haven't given up on it yet but honestly the biggest issue we have is that everyone has such different tastes and likes that we didn't want you all to think that the way WE made a project had to be the way YOU would make a project. And some projects are sold as a whole kit which can limit the crafter to stretch their own imaginations when it comes to creating. So, while we continue to ponder on that idea for a while we've come up with a different type of class that we're hoping will help you all out.

What we'd like to do is open up a Forum type classroom where it will be a nominal fee or donation and first come is first served. Smiley from millan.net You will get to ask your question. And all those in attendance will get to learn the answer. Your questions could be a specific "How do I do this?" or it could be "I want my file to cut this way but it won't. What did I do wrong?" type of question. If we can answer it we will. The size of the classroom will be limited to 20 people (including us) so size is limited. (I can answer both DS and SCAL questions.)

I'm tempted to set a date and see what happens... but... before I do that I thought I'd ask you: Smiley from millan.net
(1) Are you're interested in something like this?
(2)What day of the week and time of day works for you? (please include time zone)

Let me know what you think. If I get a positive response, I'll set up the first Forum Q&A soon!
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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[EDIT: YES. The forums would be LIVE just like how we did our LMSY classes. When I say Forum Q&A I just mean that we won’t plan notes and files and a specific outline for the class, but that the "class" will be determined by the questions from those in attendance. So, if you come and ask DS or SCAL questions I’ll show you on screen as I answer your questions.]


  1. Hi, Jen! Good to hear from you!

    I would be interested in learning more about SCAL. My question is would the forums be live, or just questions/answer. I have SCAL, however, I'm not that familiar with using it and I probably need more visual than Q&A. I've found several tutorials but they don't really seem to explain much in detail or they're geared towards the author's specific project. Will the forums be set up to really provide adequate learning/understanding coverage?

    I really enjoyed the live LMSYHTDT sessions; they were so informative, descriptive, and the visuals provided a broader understanding. I am so sorry you will be discontinuing and that it didn't work out. I just thought they were fantastic.

    Anyway, those are my concerns. I'll await a response.

    Thank, my friend!!! And, hugs!

  2. I too loved the LMSYHTDT classes... I am not into SCAL.. and I am not using my DS as much since I got my gypsy I would love to learn more about the gypsy.

  3. Hi Jen...I am not sure if this would interest me or not. I took all the classes you and Diane had before and really enjoyed them. My problem with an open forum (no general topic set)is that there might be a lot of questions about Scal or another programs I dont have and am not interested in. Now if it was a topic forum..say this hour is for DS questions only or Scal questions only or Cricut questions only..that might interest me.

    I am sad to see you wont be offering the classes as I really got a lot of out them. Have you thought about putting the classes on DVD?

    Just a thought...take care..Theresa

  4. I am very interested in your open formum discussion class. I am also interested in more info about SCAL. I have the program but have not used it much.
    Looking forward to having you back!

  5. I would be interested in this class. Especially if there are questions about DS and/or Gypsy

  6. I'd love a forum to learn and chat.
    Not sure about a fee as I am mainly interested in friendships etc and just plain yapping about using the cricut.
    I am not at all interested in scal and would not consider paying for a chat class of fear that most questions asked would concern a software that I don't use ;)

  7. Hi Jen,
    I would be interested in learning more about SCAL and DS. I am just not so sure about being able to participate in live sessions. I have so many duties this time of the year with the grandchildren, I have so little time to any crafting at all. But the classes sound great. I don't know about just chat sessions, I just need to learn so much about the machine and the software. Time is not my friend these days. I am in the Eastern time zone.


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