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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy 5th, dude!

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Birthdays are so fun, right? Well tomorrow is my son's 5th special day.
Usually the kids in his class bring cupcakes to share at lunchtime. When I picked him up from school today I told him we needed to go to the store to pick out the cupcakes.

Would you believe he said "NO! I don't want cupcakes." {HUH??!!}
Seriously? What kid doesn't like cupcakes? Smiley from millan.net.... Apparently mine. LOL

He wants cookies. And not just any cookies. He wants Oreos.
Lucky for him, Oreos are also hubby's favorite cookies so we always seem to have a package or two in the pantry.

Of course, I couldn't just sent a package or Oreos to the school and say, "hand these out to the cherubs," could I? I dug out my NEW stamps from WaltzingMouse Stamps and some white StazOn ink and a white gel pen and had a little fun!

I love this little paper airplane stamp from her recent release: Free Spirit~Boy. The sentiment came from the Free Spirit~Sentiments.

I considered making bag toppers for each of the treat bags... But....I didn't go Super-Nova on the decorations since I knew the bags would end up in the garbage exactly 3 seconds after the cookies were gone, but at least they are plain-Jane baggies.
I can tell you from trial and error that a craft foam mat under the baggie really helps when stamping to get a good impression. Also, letting the ink dry before putting another baggy on top is a good idea so that (1) the bags don't stick together; and (2) the ink doesn't come off on the back side of the baggy on top of it. {Ask me how I know...}

So instead I made some gift tags for my son's presents, which I still need to wrap! {Ack! You know what I'll be doing tonight when he goes to bed.} The tags are blank for now but I'll make more or just write up

Have a great night (or day, depending on when you're reading this).Smiley  from millan.netSmiley from millan.netSmiley from millan.net


Gift Tags:
  • Stamp: Free Spirit~Boy, (WaltzingMouseStamps)
  • Markers: Light Blue, Red (Bic Mark Its), T1 (Copic)
  • Cardstock: White (Georgia Pacific)
  • Punch: (Stampin Up!)


  1. I miss seeing you post. Happy Birthday to your son. 5 years old. What a great idea you had. hugs

  2. Hi, Jen!!! I've been missing you!!!

    Those little kitess on the bags are a sweet touch for the little birthday guy!!! You did a great job with the stamping on that plastic too -- no smudging which I'd imagine would happen.

    I'm glad to see you when you come "home"; I visit you often. I'm typing with one hand right now because I have cellulitis in my other hand, so because there's a stint on it, the left hand is out of commission. So, I'm going to just say...

    I'll be seeing you!

  3. we all kow how you know! lol!!! i never thought of stamping on plastic snack bags...

  4. Very neat. I like that you can stamp on baggies! I'll have to try this.

  5. Hi Jen! The stamped oreo bags are adorable! What a good mom. My kids used to want ice cream. I would purchase some type of packed ice cream for the whole class (ice cream sandwiches, or butter finger ice cream bars, etc.). Good job raising a child who doesn't need to follow the crowd!!!!

    xx Susan

  6. Ingenious, Jen. Ah, but we've grown to expect this from you :0)
    Porter knows he has a crafty mom.
    A big HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY! to him.
    Enjoy all the fun.

    all the best
    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  7. What a great idea - turn something simple into something special! My kids are 4 and not quite 1 so I'm just getting started on the treats for school (or pre-school! or daycare!) years. Thank you so much for sharing - had to print this great idea out, but I should maybe start now for the birthday in June...

  8. Aloha Jen, I have computer problems at home and at work so only now I was able to visit your blog. Your son and me have the same birthday - April 16. Lucky me... To Little Dude, belated happy birthday...

  9. Hi, Jen. Just a quick hello, and a happy NSD!!!

  10. Hi, Jen. Just dropping in to say hello and to wish you a Happy Mothers Day!!!

    Hope all's well!!!


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