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Sunday, March 7, 2010


[Edit:  Special thanks to Blogger who has made it possible to FINALLY remove the nasty spam links that were left on my blog! YAY!  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.... ]

Thank you to Fida for letting me know about this. Apparently my blog has become open game for a nasty spammer who posts naughty comments in Chinese (or similar) language that link to a nasty site that I am in NO WAY affiliated with. The comment can not be deleted and sadly there's nothing that I've found so far on Blogger's site to tell me how to get rid of it.

Because of this, I had to change the settings on my site to moderate EVERY comment. Your comments will not appear immediately any more.

Additionally, what ever the spammer is doing, he/she seems to be blocking the ability to post comments on the posts. If you are interested in requesting a cut file from me but you aren't able to put a comment on the correct post please post on a different one and be specific about which file you're requesting.

Thank you for your understanding.
PS: Please, PLEASE do not follow the links in the comments posted by the yucky spammer.


  1. thanks for letting us know Jen... I have been having those on my blog too. :-(

  2. Sorry that someone has done this to you. Love your site. Thanks for all the hard work you do and your sharing.

  3. I just adore your blog

    Please visit my blog to pick up a blog award that I have awarded you. www.kitsnbits.blogspot.com


  4. Jen, I had this same thing happen to my posts. I have the comment moderation on and I still got them, I had to add the stupid little word picture thing to get it to stop.

  5. Bad spammer :0(
    thanks for letting us know, Jen.

    PJ (Jessie Adams)


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