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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some more gifts from Christmas

I know. I'm such a slacker. I ignore my poor blog for days and then when I do post something I just keep pulling these pics out of things I made but didn't share during December. Well, I had too. How do you surprise the people you're giving them to if they read your blog, right? So, now you get to read all about it a month later. I guess I could have said I made them for a future gift and you'd never know, but ... nah, that's not necessary. You all understand.
Anyway, without further ado, here they are. I made my three nieces some altered comp books.

They each got one in a preferred color of their choice and with their initial on it.

I knew I wanted to glitter up the letter so I stopped by Walmart and picked up the MS 24-color glitter set so that I'd have a good variety to choose from. Since they all like such different colors it would have cost me nearly as much if I purchased those little 3-pack color sets in their colors so I just splurged and got the big-momma!

I happened to already have some pre-cut letters in my stash so I didn't have to cut them out. They were a bit flimsy so I mounted them to some white cardstock give them a bit more body. Then, I painted the glue over letters, sprinkled on the glitter and let them dry. To keep the glitter in place so that it wouldn't release with every touch I sprayed a matte clear coat over the top to seal them.
Then I mounted each letter to a plaque which was cut from Storybook.
One more thing to add a bit of sparkle, I made my own spritz using some Shimmerz paint.

I purchased one of these travel spray bottles from the cosmetic area at Walmart. I think it cost a $1. I used the end of the spray hose as a wand to dip into the paint and put a bit into the bottle. Then, I added about a tablespoon and a half of water and shook it up.

Then I sprayed it onto the background papers that I used on the cover and the back of the books. I tried to get a good pic.... looks like the best one is the purple "K" book. But all three shimmered very nicely.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

  • Cricut, DS and Storybook cartridge (ProvoCraft)
  • Patterned papers from stash
  • white cardstock (Georgia Pacific)
  • Glitter paint: Angels Wings (Shimmerz)
  • Glitter (Martha Stewart)
  • Matte Clear Sealer (Krylon)


  1. They turned out just awesome... and I am sure they all loved them..

  2. They are very nice..gives me an idea for some gifts I need to make.

  3. Amazing work. I found your blog from the cricut.com message board. I would love to recieve your giants and your gift card cut files.

    Thanks so much, Liz

  4. Thanks for the Shimmerz paint tip.
    The books look great.

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  5. These are so cute! Thanks for the Shimmerz tip. I love that idea!! TFS!


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