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Monday, January 18, 2010

A little Bling!

It's fun stepping away from paper for a bit to dabble in another medium. From time to time, to refresh my mind, I go searching for something new to try...

Such is the case with these little pretties. My sis has 3 daughters that I love to create blingy things for.
Each one has her personal color preference as you can see by the looks of each bracelet and earring set. (The pink and pearl sets don't have earrings. Pink doesn't wear earrings... yet. and Pearl already owns pearls.)

I also wanted each of my nieces to know I love them so I hung this cute little heart charm on their bracelets.
This is the one I made for my sis. A little more sophisticated with the pearls, I think.

So that you can see how they look on, my sis snapped a couple shots of the girlies modeling their new bling.

I'm so pleased they like them. Sis says they wear them with jeans as much as dresses. Every day if possible.
Girls and jewelry. What could be more fun?

So, not all my crafty projects include paper.
I'll admit, most of them do.But I did create a few gifts this past Christmas that didn't have a single bit of paper involved....
....unless you include the gift box I made to put them in.

ScrappinKay asked what I made the bracelet base (chain) with. Yes, they are jump rings. :)


  1. Well you are quite the talented young lady... those are absolutely gorgeous.
    You must be busy do lots of things, I do miss seeing you post.

  2. Jen, your jewelry sets are fabulous!!! I can imagine how much they love them! Great job and tfs!

  3. gorgeous bracelets and earrings girl!

  4. Oh those are super gorgeous!! Love all the sets, this must have been fun to make. And the extra little hearts on them, what a sweet idea :)

  5. those are some lovely bracelets. May I ask what the base was of your bracelet? Are those jump rings that made the bracelet itself. Trying to figure out from the pic and I can't tell.

    I bet they loved them.

  6. Very pretty! You have many talents!

  7. Lovely jewelry sets.
    And lucky nieces!

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  8. OK, that is a ALOT of jump rings girlie. These bracelets took you alot of time and tedious work girl. I'm impressed to say the least.

  9. These bracelet set are beautiful!!
    I am starting on my Christmas gift now.
    The girls would love these.


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