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Friday, December 18, 2009

More Gift Card boxes

There were a couple questions about how to do the insert for the gift card box. Here are a few pics on how to do it:
Score the strip as indicated in the cut file and then fan fold the piece so that there is an "M" in the middle. You will want the middle pieces to be tightly together. As I've discovered in this tutorial, the DCWV cardstock is too flimsy for this. You will need some card that will keep it's shape once it's been folded.

This "V" look is not good. This means that when you insert your gift card the upright pieces will just bend over and the card will fall out. A quick fix is a bit of double stick tape on either side to stick the card in the middle. You can also try layering some additional card pieces together. I recommend glue since it will give it a bit more strength.

Here are the completed boxes that I made for this example. These are for my son's school teachers. Today is the last day of school before we start our Christmas break. It's just after 1pm here. I leave to go get my son from school at 2pm. Nothin' like putting a gift together at the last minute, huh? Proof positive that these really do come together very quickly.

As it turns out.... this box is also the perfect size for giving the small 2x3 (or is it 3x2?) school pictures in too! :) I hope the teachers like their presents.

We're on Christmas break now. Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few days. Hubby has some vacation days too. The "Use 'em or Lose 'em" kind. So he's on vacation too. Wow! What will we do with ourselves for a whole week all together? I just don't know. But we'll figure something out. :)

Have a great weekend! Chat with you all again soon!


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Cute Sandy made a couple of these boxes and posted them on her blog. Here is the link to see them. Fantastic job Sandy. Thanks so much for sharing.


  1. That is adorable! How nice for your hubby to have a few days off when the kiddos are out of school! Merry Christmas!

  2. Jen:
    Another wonderful design. You are amazing!

    Enjoy your time with your family!

    Merry Christmas!
    Crafty Cathy from Cricut MB

  3. Ok, now I am confused. If you don't want a "V" what kind of look do you want? How fun that your hubby is off for a few days. I am sure you can find something to do. Thanks for always being so willing to share and help. I hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas. hugs

  4. Wow! I am new to the cricut and looking at everything I can find. These boxes are great. I would appreciate the .cut file. Thanks,

  5. What a perfect gift card box!!! I came here from Sandy's...I am gonna have to make one of these...too darn cute!!!

  6. What a clever idea! Your mind must never stop.

  7. Happy Holidays Jen - as usual you have a great done a great job with the pop up gift card box - when you have a minute could you send me the cut file - and the goo dippy border too! Thanks and no hurry, just enjoy your Holiday. Barb barbinlakeland@msn.com

  8. what lucky teachers,so creative, thanks for sharing@@ jbrown6515@msn.com

  9. I LOVE it! What a neat idea! This would be a great present to give to my son's godmother for Valentine's Day, holding a gift card to her fave pedicurist. Wow! May I have the cut file?

  10. I forgot to include my email...

  11. What a clever idea, and a bit more fun than just a simple gift card envelope. This will be great for any occassion as well. I'd love to get your cut file for this. Thanks. Happy New Year!


  12. I love this!!! What a wonderful to present a gift! You are just too fabulous!


  13. This is so cute! I would love the cut file for this. Thank You


  14. I love love LOVE this idea! Wish I had seen it before the holiday season. Oh well, can always use the idea for later! Please send me the cut file, I just can't NOT make this! Thanks :)


  15. Love your gifts of talent. I only wish I was this talent. I would love to have your file. Again thank you for sharing your great talent with the rest of us so no talent people. Jackie

  16. I would love this thanks so much

  17. I have just found your blog and would love to have the .cut file for this box. Thanks so much! stacersrn@yahoo.com

  18. Hi Jen.
    I would love to have this file in svg format. Thank You


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