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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hawaiian Holidays

The other day I came home from a busy day of 'mommy stuff' to find a package addressed to me from my friend Bobbi who lives in Hawaii. It was totally unexpected. (Yes it's true. Not only have I been away from my blog but my emailing and contacting friends has been less than stellar also. Sorry.)

Anyway, inside the box were treats only found in the islands (or at least they are not found here where I live). Mmmm! Yummy treats! Check 'em out:

First, a large bucket (I guess this is considered a bucket... or maybe a canister) of Chocolate Chip macadamia nut cookies. Yes, they are as tasty as the name implies. :) Mmmm...

Then, just for my son (I know because Bobbi has sent him these little yummies before...) a big box of Hawaiian Animal Cookies. Unlike the stateside counterpart, these cookies are shaped like fish, dolphins, whales and octopus. They're so cute. And my picky... scratch that... UBER-PICKY eater loves them.

Next.... Yes, there's more....

You know, I didn't even know these little goodies existed! But now that I do I will have to request a package of them every year for Christmas. Mmm...

Tasty little morsels!! All wrapped up in their very own special wrapper and everything. Check it out: The blue foil reads Macadamia Nuts in yellow and instead of the standard "Hershey Kisses" written on the little white flag it says, "Aloha." Is that great, or what?!

Granted I had eaten several of these before getting this blog post written. While I was snapping a few pics to post I took notice of the Kiss on the package.

Apparently I was so busy gobbling down the tasty treats I had failed to notice that there was a whole macadamia nut wrapped in the chocolatey goodness. So I cut a few in half to verify... Hershey is true to their packaging. Sufficient macadamia nut(s) inside each kiss. YUM-O!

In the spirit of Christmas, I took a small bag of these treats to church with me and shared them with my class. I never take treats, but today was special. And the women were very grateful. :)

Oh! There was one more thing in the box. Bobbi made a Christmas card using the Nativity .cut file I created. It's hard to tell but the design is silver cardstock on navy blue. Very pretty in person. Still amazes me that a bunch of circles, triangles and squares can be welded together to create something like this.

Thank you so much for sharing Bobbi. :)I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Sunday. I still can't believe Christmas is just 5 days away! Gosh! Where did December go? What happened to 2009? I could swear it was just Easter a few weeks ago, right?

The talks and the choir music was so beautiful today at church. And my class, which I was less than prepared for, came together so nicely. Now we are home and enjoying a quiet Sunday together. Hmm... Sunday is the day of rest. Maybe I'll go take a nap.
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  1. Oh what a wonderful surprise. AND I am sure that the ladies enjoyed the treats... Hummm I didn't get any treats at my church. :-( You are so funny Jen.
    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. And I do believe that is the nativity scene card you made for me last year. You are such a talented awesome special young lady I pray you have a beautiful Christmas.

  2. Wow, what a great surprise and a wonderful friend!! All those wonderful island goodies!!

  3. Jen,
    You are very welcome. I'm happy you all enjoyed the goodies and I know chocolate and nuts are your favorite. Thanks for being so sharing and helpful all of the time.
    Have a Happy Holiday season and a Joyfull New Year.
    Hugs and Kisses,

  4. I would love the cut file for the nativity. Could you please send it to me. Thanks! Alicia

  5. How sweet! And what a beautiful card!

  6. Jen, I was just introduced to your site by a friend yesterday (4-26-10). I have been looking through all of your wonderful work. I wish I was as talented as you are. You do amazing work! If you are still sharing your cut files I would love to have this nativity one. I would also love to have the backpack box one, I saw it yesterday when my friend was showing me the site, but have been unable to locate it again. If you are up for sharing you files then thank you, if not I understand and I will continue to admire your beautiful work! P.S. The name books are totally awesome!! Ashley jalohman@sbcglobal.net

  7. I don't know if you will see this or not...but my DD's fried went to BYU-Hawaii and she sent some of the kisses with macadamia nuts to us. They are so good!!! Enjoyed reading your blog.


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