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Friday, October 30, 2009

Paper Popsicles: Freebie Friday!

Here it is!! The last October Freebie Friday from Paper Popsicles! A terrific Awareness Ribbon Shaped card!

To get your free file, which can be printed and cut by hand or converted to a .scut (or similar) file and cut using your favorite electronic cutting machine and its compatible software, run over to the Paper Popsicles online store and "purchase" it today only with the $0.00 pricetag. Tomorrow, it will be a wee bit more expensive but probably only $1. (Don't quote me on that, but that has been my experience with the other shaped cards.)

You'll find the card in the Shaped Card Templates section of the store under Miscellaneous - Awareness Ribbon. (The items are in alphabetical order. I found it at the bottom of page 3. Or you can just click on the link.)

I'm out the door to celebrate my 20th anniversary with my hubby. You won't see me much here over the next week. Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pop Up Snowman

JoanneH from the Cricut message board asked if I could make this fun 3D snowman. I had a few minutes... and I was in need of a good challenge.

You'll have to check HERE to see how he turned out!

THANKS JoanneH for the challenge and for posting your results. He looks great!


  • CUT FILE: ** Donate button is at the top right. Please specify which file you want when you purchase.
  • Cricut, DesignStudio, George cartridge (ProvoCraft)
  • Also available in PDF or SVG format. Let me know if this is what you need.
** Refer to Cut File link to see how to get my files. 

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Paper Popsicles: Monday Madness Show-n-Tell

    Hey everyone,
    Thanks to the Friday Freebie from Paper Popsicles last Friday I was able to get started on some Thanksgiving items.
    My little family is ... well... little. Just three of us. Me, my hubby and my son. Our family lives out of state and we don't always have the ability to travel home for Thanksgiving. This year is one of those years. So, in an attempt to make our quiet little dinner something special I put together some fun napkin rings and coordinated name plates using the pumpkin as an embellishment.

    I took the Paper Popsicles pumpkin shaped card and edited to be a single element which I cut in both the patterned paper and also a "shadow" layer in white for both the napkin rings and the name plates.

    I'm pleased with how they turned out and how simple they were to make. Should our plans for our small dinner change I could easily make additional place settings.

    • Napkin ring base only: Cricut and Design Studio with Plantin Schoolbook
    • Pumpkin Shaped Card; Pumpkin detail created using SCAL and Inkscape
    • Patterened Paper: Seasonal-Summer Surprise (Cherry Arte), Seasonal-Raindrops (Cherry Arte)
    • White cardstock (Georgia Pacific)
    • Kraft Cardstock (PaperTreyInk)
    • Font: Passion_Conflict_Robb

    One more thing.... Diane and I have classes set up for this Wed and Thu and we have several open spots available if you are interested in joining us. We would love to see you!! Information about the classes are found on the LetMeShowYou blog.

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Paper Popsicles: Freebie Friday!

    Wow! I just realized I haven't posted anything to my blog since last Friday! Sorry about that. I need to get back into updating my blog more regularly...

    So, what brought me to my blog this morning? It's another Paper Popsicles Freebie Friday! :) Today, Paper Popsicles is offering up their Holiday Pumpkin shaped card:

    With Halloween almost here and Thanksgiving just around the corner, pumpkins are a terrific shape for cards or as embellishments for your crafty creations. I used this pumpkin file recently to accent my Halloween banner.

    All I had to do was take the digital file and alter it from a shaped card to a single shaped element and then shrink it down to the size I needed it to be. You don't need to have some super expensive editing software to do this either. You can easily do this in Inkscape (free program!). I'll have to put together a tutorial for you one of these days.

    Well, it's time for me to get my son out the door to school. Have a wonderful Friday! And remember, the freebie is only available for free today. Tomorrow you'll have to pay full price.

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    Paper Popsicles: Freebie Friday!

    Hey everyone,
    Sorry this post is so late. I took my son on a spontaneous trip to Disneyland the last few days just arriving home about a half-hour ago. Thank goodness he is such a good car traveler. I just plug in a dvd and away we go. It's about a six hour drive for us to the "Happiest Place on Earth." And with a fantastic winning bid on Priceline at a hotel across the street I just couldn't resist.

    But, that is not the important info you are here for. This is what you need to know: TODAY is Freebie Friday at Paper Popsicles. If you remembered, GREAT! If you are just now finding out, run over to Paper Popsicles now and get the freebie! It's the ever-fab Witch's Shoe shape card!

    You can order the freebie from the Paper Popsicles Store, in the Shaped Card Templates area. The name is "Halloween - Witch shoe" (<--- click here for a direct link)

    Some of you may remember the card I made a few weeks ago using the template. It turned out so cute! (I may be a little biased.)

    Anyway, Run don't walk cuz this freebie is only free until midnight tonight (Chicago time - Central Standard Time).
    Hope you all are having a nice Friday!!

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Paper Popsicles: Monday Madness Show-n-Tell

    Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,
    For those of you who snatched up the Freebie Friday from the Paper Popsicles Blog last Friday, today is Monday Madness Show-n-Tell to show off your creations. :)

    I decided to take a little artist's license and change up the digital freebie a bit. As you can see here, from the original digital stamp, Little Oliver didn't make the cut. That's what I love about digital stamps. You can change the size, alter the contents, and make it fit your need! And once you buy, for a nominal cost, you can print it as many times as you want.

    After making my alterations to the Oliver the Cowboy file, I colored the hat and cut it out.

    I mounted the hat on a couple layers of foam adhesive to add dimension.

    It's hard to tell, but I embossed the striped paper with the Floral Fantasy embossing folder. To me the pattern reminds me of a bandanna print. The small antiqued gold brads and the ribbon with the stitched detail really brought the whole thing together. The band on the hat looks more pink in the picture but in person it's as deep red as the stripe on the picture.

    I hope you all had a great day today. Tomorrow we're going to the zoo. It's fall break for my son. And with the weather finally in the 80's during the day the zoo is a great place to spend some outdoor time.

    If you have the Freebie Friday from last week, I hope you'll consider playing along with the Show-n-Tell. It's a lot of fun!! And you could win some fun prizes from Paper Popsicles.

    • Digital Stamp: Kids - Oliver the Cowboy (Cheeky Radish)
    • Patterned papers: Howdy Paper Stack Pack (Carolee's); Cold Raspberry Cinnamon Stick (Jillibean)
    • Ink: Chestnut Roan (Colorbox); Burlap (Tim Holtz)
    • Markers: Honey Brown, Tiki Hut Tan, Prairie Berry, Moonstone Yellow (Bic Mark It)
    • Cuttlebug and Floral Fantasy embossing folder (Provo Craft)
    • Brads (MakingMemories)
    • Ribbon (Michael's)

    Saturday, October 10, 2009

    Paper Popsicles: Creepy Crawly Blog Stomp

    Welcome to Paper Popsicles' second blog hop, our CREEPY, CRAWLY, Blog STOMP! Today, we hope that as you go around to each of our creative team member blogs, you will find inspiration, some tricks, and perhaps some TREATS!

    If you stumbled upon my blog from Amy GREAT!!! You are on the right track! If you stumbled upon my blog and wish to play along, please start at the Paper Popsicles' blog.

    Our porch lights are now on! As you move from one blog to the next, you will collect a TREAT (a word). Gather all the treats to make a ghoulish saying and email your phrase to Melissa at melissa@paperpopsicles.com. For your efforts, you will be entered into a RAK to win a fantastic prize—THE LOUD TALKER KIT!

    Please leave a comment on EVERY blog during our stomp....otherwise you might miss out on some other free treats!!!!
    Now, on with the show! Here is MY ghoulish surprise: A Hauntingly Festive Banner!

    I've mentioned before about how I love the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Well, I decided to use it as the theme for my Halloween banner. The main word across the banner reads "999 Happy Haunts." When you enter the amusement ride the Caretaker starts to speak. He tells of the ghostly occupants and how there are is always room for one more. (*wink*)

    On each of the panels is found a fun Halloween shape decorated with either glittery goodness or embossed with a silvery inked design.

    Each of these little icons started out as one of the digital shaped cards available in the Paper Popsicles store, which I altered to be a digital stamp. That's the beauty of digital files. They can be changed in size and color to fit your needs. :) Some of the shapes (like the bats and ghost) were then mounted on coiled wire so that they could 'fly.'

    While the non-flying objects like shoe and hat were mounted using foam to lift them off the panels for added dimension.

    The witch is flying on a wire but it's hard to tell from the angle I took the pic. She is also painted with Shimmerz Spritz and then outlined with a 'black magic' glitter glue that I found at a local craft store.

    The pumpkin was painted with Shimmerz and outlined with glittery glue also as well as his fangy grin. Glittery glue and stamped images were added to some of the background papers as well to give more interest.

    To put the banner together, each panel was mounted on a long strip of ribbon with some space left in between. Buttons were stacked up and tied on to the ribbon with some brown twine.

    The words from the cemetery ghosts' song was typed up, printed on to paper and turned into a funky, aged paper ribbon which runs across the top of each panel. Gathered crepe paper, accordion pleated rosettes and zigzag stitching adds to the details.

    Here's a close up of one of the bats which was stamped and embossed with silver embossing powder. Two bats were mounted back to back on a black coiled wire so that the adhesive won't be exposed regardless which angle you look at it.

    The folded medallions in the center of each panel give such a cool texture and then all the little patterns and details really make this banner come to life. Every time my son walks past the window where it's hanging he yells (yes, YELLS!) "Hey mom! Halloween day!" He is so excited for it to be October. It's too cute.

    Ok enough of me going on and on....
    I guess you want your other treat too? The treat on my blog is BREWING AT

    Now that you have been scared into the season, don’t forget to leave a comment, then head over to Robyn’s blog next!

    In case you were curious.... Here is the list of blogs in the stomp:
    1. Tricia www.triciastreasures.blogspot.com
    2. Lynda www.positive-force.blogspot.com
    3. Cassie www.fortheartofit.blogspot.com
    4. Valerie www.allmyscrappin.blogspot.com
    5. Lora www.singingsquirrel.blogspot.com
    6. Carol www.crazyforcrafting.blogspot.com
    7. Amy www.papertrailsleaver.blogspot.com
    8. Jen www.jensbrainthings.blogspot.com <---- YOU ARE HERE
    9. Robyn www.dreaminginscraps.blogspot.com <---- GO HERE NEXT
    Don't forget - Paper Popsicles is screaming with great deals today. 25% off everything in the store and 50% off all clearance! October 10th only. www.paperpopsicles.com/store

    Thanks for stopping by. If you're read this far you get a special Trick-or-Treat prize! A fun Halloween themed digital design from PaperPopsicles. Click on the image to get the full size. Then you can right click to save:
    Happy Stomping!

    I'm pretty certain I've forgotten something I used on this lil'lovely. If I remember anything else I'll come back and update with the info.

    Special THANKS to my sis who came to town to visit and ended up being enlisted to help me make this. I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have finished it in time for the stomp if she hadn't offered to help. Thanks girlie!

    Thursday, October 8, 2009

    Halloween Treat Idea and some Reminders

    Hey everyone,
    I've got LOTS to tell you today so keep scrolling because you won't want to miss out on the information.

    First up, I've been busy creating a couple fun Halloween projects. The first one I'm posting for you today.

    The idea started when I was wandering the isles at Walgreen's and found this cool little can of cookies. Can you believe it? A $1 for the can and the cookies inside. What a bargain! (There were originally more than six of the cookies but a few were sacrificed for quality control purposes. *wink*)

    I wrapped it in black cardstock and then added my Gooey border and created a wordart tag to go with it.

    To create the individual pockets, I cut down strips of wax paper

    Each strip was folded nearly in half

    Then I unfolded them and folded in 1/2" along each of the long ends

    Then, where the side fold lines cross the middle fold line I cut a slight diagonal and then trimmed along the 1/2" fold line to cut the strip off on both sides.

    Here's a picture which should better explain what I just tried to say (I just reread what I typed and was totally confused! Good thing I took pics, huh?)

    I put super sticky (red lined) tape which was about 3/8" wide along the folded in "tabs"

    and refolded the pocket in half to adhere.

    I just used my scissors to round the corners of the top edge of the pocket and inserted the broomstick cookie.

    I don't remember where I saw this idea. I think my sister may have been the one that told me about it. You take these "stick" style cookies and wrap a piece of fruit roll or similar type product around the base to make these cute little brooms. Perfect for the little witches and wizards on Halloween. An additional tiny strip of fruit strip (or you could use licorice shoestrings) is wrapped over the top of the base piece to finish it off.

    I hope you like it. The details will be at the end of this post.

    Next up, I wanted to remind you all that tomorrow is Freebie Friday at the Paper Popsicles blog. You'll be able to see the digital stamp freebie at the blog tomorrow. If you like it you will be able to go to the store and "purchase" it for $0 on Friday only. After that it will still be available in the store but it will have a slightly larger price tag on it. I'll be back tomorrow with the direct link to the item to help you find it faster.

    Now I know I said at the beginning of this post that I have been working on a couple Halloween projects and you've only seen one. Well, you'll have to wait until Saturday to see the second one. It was created for Paper Popsicles' Creepy Crawly Blog Stomp!

    Several of the Paper Popsicles designers have been busy creating Halloween themed projects for our Blog hop which is this Saturday!! You will NOT want to miss it. Each of the blogs will have some sort of freebie or giveaway. And you will want to make sure you post comments on each blog so that you will be included in the drawings. I hope you'll make time to join us. The fun begins at the Paper Popsicles blog at 6am Pacific time (9am Eastern).

    I think that's everything. Have a great night!


    • Witch (shaped card digital file was altered to make a digital stamp)
    • Patterned paper: Haunted Nevermore (Cosmo Cricket)
    • Word art font: Addams
    • Gooey border: Cricut and DesignStudio with George cartridge
    • CUT FILE: ** Donate button is at the top right. Please specify which file you want when you purchase.
    • Also available in PDF or SVG format. Let me know if this is what you need.
    • Other items from my crafty closet: black and white cardstock, Stickles, ribbon, adhesive
    ** Refer to Cut File link to see how to get my files. 

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Paper Popsicles: Monday Madness Show-n-Tell

    Hey everyone!
    I have family in town so I've been super busy. I think I will just get this card up on my blog in time to have it count towards Paper Popsicles' Monday Madness Show N Tell.

    If you remember last Friday, I mentioned that PaperPopsicles was going to be doing Freebie Fridays again during October. This last Friday they shared a cute little cottage image. Since I'm in Halloween mode I decorated my house with holiday flare.

    Here is a close up of the pocket that the invite is delivered in:

    • Digital Image: Little House [Cheeky Radish]
    • Font: LD Adornment
    • Markers: Bic Mark-It!
    • All items from my stash: Black Cardstock, Black Crepe paper, Ribbon, Purple gem, Glue

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    Anyone interested in UGGs?

    Sarah from WhoogaBoots emailed me today and wanted me to help her spread the word. She is having a contest to give away a pair of UGG boots.

    kids ugg boots

    Now, I've been hearing for weeks about how many of you are having "crisp, fall weather" where you live, which can only mean that winter is going to be here soon. We had 90 degree temps here today (near Phoenix, AZ) so we're not quite ready for UGG boot weather but I have faith that it will be here soon enough :)

    Maybe UGGs aren't your thing. No problem. They are available in kids and adult sizes. And in loads of different colors! I'll bet you know someone that would like them as a holiday gift (hint hint.... Can you believe Christmas decorations are already in the stores?) Come on, you know you want to give it a try (*wink*) Just click HERE to enter.

    Oh, and don't worry. Sarah might be in the UK, but the contest is open to everyone worldwide. You can click HERE for more information and to sign up for your chance to win.

    Go for it! Can't win if you don't try (*wink*)

    Paper Popsicles: Freebie Friday!

    Hey everyone,
    Just a quick post before I run out the door to take my son to school... Wanted to remind you all that today, Friday, October 2nd (and today only) is Freebie Friday!

    Paper Popsicles is giving away a cute digital stamp today. To get the digital stamp you need to order it from their online store. (If you haven't registered for an account you will need to do that first) then you will find all of their digital stamps in the "Digital Stamps" area (See the menu on the left side). Go through the process of ordering the Freebie. You'll know it's the freebie because today its cost will say $0.00. Complete the order process and then the file will be emailed to you.

    Here is a picture of today's freebie. It's called Little House but you'll find it in the Digital Stamp area in alphabetical order under "Miscellaneous-House". (I found it on page 10)
    Then, don't forget that Monday is when we want everyone to show off what they created with their Freebie :) Monday on the Paper Popsicles blog will be Monday Madness Show-n-Tell. Take some time over the next day or two to create something fun and post it (to your blog or a gallery or somewhere) then you can link your picture of your creation to the blog post on Monday on the Paper Popsicles blog.

    Ok... lots to do today! My sis and her kiddies are coming for a visit.
    Have a wonderful day!