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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paper Popsicles: How To - Glass Etching

You know I love it when a plan comes together. ... Well, another fun creation was born today when a friend asked if I would show her how to etch glass. She is having a Bunco group party on Saturday and was still in the process of collecting her prizes. I mentioned how cute it would be to create some personalized glass jars. She flipped for it.

We're actually not getting together until tomorrow, but after opening my big mouth I thought I'd better come home and make sure I know what I'm doing. I gathered my supplies.... what you don't see here is my Cricut and my laptop which I used to help with the cutting. Also, a foam brush for applying the etching cream.

For more information on what I did to this little jar, you'll need to head over to the Paper Popsicles How To section and check out the tutorial. :)

  • Cricut machine, Sure Cuts A Lot (but you could use one of your Cricut font carts and Design Studio)
  • Jar: Ikea
  • Font: Pharmacy
  • Contact Paper - I found mine at Walmart for around $5
  • Etching cream: I got mine years ago .... it's so old it's not brown instead of its original white but it still worked! [phew!]
**Edited to note: Unfortunately, we got chatting and before I knew it the clock read 9pm and I had to get home. So, sadly I have no pictures of the fun glass jars and platter that we created. :(


  1. Fabulous how to for Paper Popsicles Jen!!!

  2. that is what I did! i love doing these! I have some on my blog too! I can't wait too see what they turn out like!

    Debi W

  3. Jen
    I hope I'm doing this right :) I love your work and had found a cut file you had created and posted a picture of on the Cricut mb in July of 2008. It's for a rolodex card/business card that was 2 1/2 x 4 in size. I was wanting to know if I could get this sent to me to use if you still have it. Thanks!
    aka winniethescrapbooker

  4. ok, you totaly have to stop enabling me here, Jen. YOu are KILLING me!

  5. Love the tutorial! I am officially in love with glass etching!!


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