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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bazzill paper matcher

Ever unsure which cardstock will match that super cute patterned paper you have? Maybe the lighting in the store isn't ideal or you don't want to have to tote the papers to the store to match. Now you may not have to! Bazzill has an online MatchMaker on their website:

My friend Valerie showed me this link. It's so cool!! Use the arrows that point right and left to go through the different paper companies. They are in alphabetical order. Select a company by clicking on their logo. After the screen updates you can scroll down the page. You'll see each of the current collections available for those companies and the corresponding color choices available from Bazzill.

Super fab!
THANKS for the tip Valerie!
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  1. Thanks for sharing the link. So useful!

  2. This sounds like a great idea...off to check it out thanks for sharing.

  3. You are so sweet to share... I hope I haven't missed any classes on the "Let me show you how to do that" - I am trying to post as much as I can but I know I am missing alot.. I don't know about this working... LOL


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