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Monday, April 20, 2009

Online training Anyone?

Ok....I haven't given up on the local craft store classes but I know many of you have commented that you live TOO far away to travel to my class. So I've been researching some options and I think I've come up with the technology to do an online training class. Obviously I would like to do a class that would allow people to ask questions, participate in some way, so that I'm not the only one talking.

So here is what I need to know:
(1) Topics of discussion?
(2) Best dates/times that work for your schedule, and how long should the class be?
(3) What's it worth to you? I will have to pay for the technological service to make this happen. I'm not interested in ripping people off but I would like to hear from you how much you think a training class should cost. Should it include free files.


  1. (1) topics of discussion - I just want to learn... I am willing to do any topic
    (2) I would think at least an hour - is that too long? 30 minutes?
    (3)I don't want to rip you off... how much are you thinking???
    Looks like I am putting the ball back in your yard LOL
    I am excited.. I hope you can get something going.

  2. hi jen

    O wow this is a great idea.
    But I was thinking is it an idea to start a Yahoogroup for this? Yahoo is for free and in that way people all over the world can join in. We do, on a card group online workshops through a yahoogroup and it works great. even for members who don't live in Holland.
    what is positive is that if you can't be there on that exact time, you can do the lesson or workshop on another time and because everybody mails questions and all, you learn a lot even if you do it the other day.
    I am willing to help you when you choose to start a Yahoogroup.
    I am a moderator of a dutch cricutgroup and I know people want to learn more about design studio.

    Hug Linda

  3. i would definately be interested in taking an online training course, but have never taken one, so can't suggest what to charge. I think if there was a cut file included, people would be more inclined to pay for a class. I'm sure days and times would be different for everyone, but I know at least with medical continuing education, there are some options for live webcasts, and repeats (those that can't attend during the live class) pay a little less.
    I don't know if this helps or not, but I can't wait to see what you come up with!
    Good luck!

  4. I would make it where you could download the instructions and cut file after you paid for the class online. Then if they had questions to email you. Make it to where they could ask so many questions and then after that charge them? That way your time is not taken up alot answering questions.

    I have seen online where SU demonstrators have charged. You might want to check with them on how they charge, etc.

    Good Luck!

  5. Jen, online classes would be great! However, like SunnyNP, I wouldn't have any idea of what such a class would cost. I think it would help if you figured in what the technology would cost you and what you'd expect for your time/labor, figure in the number of participants you'd have to have to make that possible and then you could suggest a ballpark figure of what we'd need to pay. I'm sure everyone has different income/expense levels, so what one person would afford to pay may not be comfortable to another. So it would be easier if you could suggest a figure based on your operation/personal costs and then we'd all have a payment comfortable to everyone for us to decide on. As far as giving free cut files, you already do that here on your blog. Would this mean you wouldn't be providing requested cut files to those that vist you're blog anymore? Would you no longer provide the tutorials here on your blog? I don't mind paying for your cut files because I think you're great at doing them and I really love to get 1/3 as good! I also think you're already a great instructor with respect to your blog info, which is so clear and concise; so I'd be delighted to be one of your online participants. But I'm curious as to how your blog would be affected.


  6. Topics of discussion? Cricut Design Studio, how to look at a 3D image and create it in DS.

    Best Dates and times: After the kids are in bed which for me would be 8:30 PM PST. Days don't really matter to me all though I would think that weekends might be better for others. However I like weekdays better.

    What is it worth to me? I would not hesitate to pay $20 for a class as long as it was packed with information and was at least 45 minutes. Jen you are so talented and you teaching should be paid time for you. You do so much for everyone all the time and I think you should charge enough to make it worth the time of planing a class and doing one online.

    Ok I have put in more than my 2 cents.

    Have a great day,
    Nicole Boucher

  7. JEN, I guess the topic discussion should start with the basics. I have already learned from the few turtorials you graciously provided for us. We have a small scrapbook/stamp store that charges $10.00-$30.00 depending on what you make for a stamp class, but that includes materials and such. I hope this helps. I would be willing to pay!!!!

  8. I would just love to learn anything that someone could teach me. I don't know what the cost should be. I would hope it is something you could do at anytime.

  9. OH! A class !?!? Any topic would be great. I'm sure your wheels are already turning ;0) I have no idea what you should charge. Sorry! 1/2 hour to an hour would be great. Most any time would work, but it would be great to have the option to catch a "repeat" if we missed it "live" I'm so excited for this!! How great of you to be willing to help all of us.

  10. Hi Jen,

    I would be interested in an online class about as long as your joann class would have been (i imagine an hour or 45 min???)

    Best dates would be the weekend if it is a live class or if it is an online pay to play then anytime.

    I would pay at least what you would charge a live class (not sure how much the technology overhead would be but you would not need to provide materials, cut files would be nice). Price should vary also on how long the class is. Not sure what you had in mind.

  11. Jen, I don't have the least idea as to what cost should be but I would enjoy anything that you did. You are such a creative person and explain things on your blog so well. Will be anxiously awaiting to see what takes place. Like someone mentioned earlier, I do think I would like something that I could go to and get the information if I missed a class.
    Jen, have you ever thought of just doing videos and selling them. I would certainly buy any that you did that way would have it where I could check back if I forgot something. Thanks for wanting to help us all out.

  12. I would be interested in the classes. I know close to nothing in designing and would appreciate any help.
    It's your time and talent and putting together everything, so I think you should set the price and each person can decide if they can manage it.
    Thanks for thinking and wanting to share your talent with us.


  13. I have never taken a class, online or otherwise for scrapbooking so I have no clue what a charge would be. You could try it once at one price and see how it goes and how many people sign up and pay to begin with. Then you can work on a better price. If you go low and 50 people sign up, you may make more money than if you go high and only 10 people sign up, kwim? You have a huge following. I think including some "limited edition" cut files that you create specifically for this would be a bonus. I also like the idea of how to translate a 3d object or every day object into CDS.

  14. Hi Jen - I left a little something for you on my blog - your blog is always an inspiration for me! Thanks for all you do!

  15. I'm in! I'm in! A lesson from you would be such a fantastic opportunity. I would like to see a moderate level class. I, for one, know the basics, or at least can find out the answers on the message board or by simply reading the instruction manuals. I would like to find out how to do more of the "advanced" things involving a design. Maybe have themes involving the season, holiday, etc. I would also love any help learning ..... (shhhhhh....I'll whisper this......) SCAL/inkscape as that product seems so much more complicated, yet even more versatile than CDS. I work during the day, so for me, the best times would be in the evenings. I don't how technology works, but maybe you could do a "live" class where questions could be asked, maybe more interactive, and then, could there be a "taped" version that you could watch on your own time? Maybe seperat fees for each class, but if you attend the "live" class, you would receive the "taped" class free or at a discount? As for the fee, I think that would be dependent on the time involved. For a short class, there would obviously be less content, so less cost would seem appropriate. I think that in order for the class to be long enough to present something adequately, and have time for any questions, you would need a minimum of 45 minutes. For conference calls at work, we do a 45 minute call that is a listen only mode, and then an optional 15 minutes for questions at the end. This might be workable for your situation too. I can't wait to hear more. GOOD LUCK!!! GailHeinecke

  16. Are you going to be video taping? if so you can use yahoo messenger and make your own chat room where you would need an invite to join.

    from there people can watch what your doing and if you have a mic you can answer peoples questions as they ask them in the chat room.

    Just a thought im not sure which way your class is headed..

    on the fee you just invite the people who have paid for the class. they wont be able to enter the chat with you accepting.

    Not to sure if this idea will work for you but just throwing the idea out there :)

    goodluck on your class!

  17. Great idea, Jen. I need all the help I can get...especially before DS Pro comes out! I need welding help, not basic welding, but the more difficult stuff when you have to delete, paste and all that. Any time after 5:30 pm for me. Keep me informed.

  18. I would be interested in basic to start about 30 min to one hour classed would be great. Weekdays are better for me then the weekends. As for cost, I have no idea most local papercraft classes range from 25 to 15.

    I hope you go with it, wish you luck with the classes and I am very interested;)

  19. Jen,
    Count me in!!! I am new and need some help getting going. I am up for anything. Time and cost does not really matter to me. There are no classes offered in my area so this would be awesome. Please let me know.


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