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Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's better than one cupcake???

TWO, of course! :o)

Trisha wanted a box that would hold two cupcakes. So, I fiddled and stretched and cut and fiddled some more.... Voila! A double cupcake box!Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net

Plenty of room if your cupcakes have mile-high frosting. (Mmmm...) but again, meant to hold standard (small) cupcakes.

Sorry, no time to decorate the box. My son wanted the contents immediately! He is the cupcake quality control expert in the house, ya know. Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net As you can see from the picture, cupcakes make even a sick 3yr old smile.

Hope your Saturday is going well.

  • All George and Basic Shapes and Mini Monograms
  • CUT FILE: ** Donate button is at the top right. Please specify which file you want when you purchase.
  • Requires Expression due to size
  • Paper: DCWV decorative paper and cardstock, Georgia Pacific white cardstock
  • Acetate: PennywiseArts.com
** Refer to Cut File link to see how to get my files.
!*!*!*!*!*! Enabler Alert !*!*!*!*!*!*!

Special thanks to my friend Lois who introduced me to The Tape Depot. Let me explain.... Are you familiar with ATG guns? Ok, well, I wasn't quite ready to plunk down $42 plus shipping and tape costs to try one out. Lois told me that Tape Depot has a similar one and it is only $25. Coooool! A bit more budget friendly for me. So I checked it out! Oh my goodness, if you are still using glue or those small tape runner things you need to upgrade! The Tape Depot's prices are great and their customer service is awesome! I received the dispenser 2 days after I ordered it.

The picture on their website shows the dispenser with tape.

Please note: The dispenser does NOT come with tape. You need to order it also or you'll have a brand new gadget and won't be able to do anything with it.

(Yes, it's true. I'm speaking from experience.) Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net
Another plus: The tape is Acid Free and you don't have to pay extra for that feature! Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net{Yeah baby!}

Also, it's very user friendly. The instructions to load the dispenser with tape (remember, it comes to you empty) were super easy to understand and follow. I was afraid it would be big and bulky and I would hate it. Nope! It's very light weight and easy to operate. It was an easy transition. I still have a several bottles of my favorite Scotch Quick Dry glue (bought some when they were on sale for $3) but I fear they may be collecting dust for awhile now that I have my new ATG gun. :o)
Ok, I've given my 2cents worth on the subject. Do with it what you will.


  1. Well thanks a lot, Enabler! LOL I am a soon to be proud owner of an ATG! I was holding out because of the price too, but the Tape Depot pricing was just enough to push me. Thanks for the the heads up.

    Oh, I would love the double cupcake box too :)


  2. Thanks for the advice on the ATG. Good to know!
    Love the cupcake boxes...both the single and the double and would love to have the cutfile for both pretty please!

    Thanks as always! You are the best!

  3. Hello, would also love the double cupcake .cut mega please......
    The tape gun looks interesting - shall have to investigate..
    Angela. xxx

  4. and forgot my email.....
    Angel.a xxx

  5. Really??? You are right the price is just right! Gotta check it out... yes i'm tired of those darn small tape dispensers... this looks like my answer! thanks!

    As for the cupcake box, a WOW came out of my mouth when i saw it; plus i wanted a BIG bite of one of the cupcakes :)... LOVE how you tested this cut file- this would be a very nice gift for any occassion. When possible, could I get the cut files for the single and double cupcake box (carol_cabezas@msn.com)? My hubby bakes; and he just flipped at the pic!

  6. Really??? You are right the price is just right! Gotta check it out... yes i'm tired of those darn small tape dispensers... this looks like my answer! thanks!

    As for the cupcake box, a WOW came out of my mouth when i saw it; plus i wanted a BIG bite of one of the cupcakes :)... LOVE how you tested this cut file- this would be a very nice gift for any occassion. When possible, could I get the cut files for the single and double cupcake box (carol_cabezas@msn.com)? My hubby bakes; and he just flipped at the pic!

  7. Love to have the double cupcake .cutfile.

  8. Love to have the double cupcake .cutfile

  9. Ok - this one is way above and beyond anything else - you are so talented. Could I please have the cut file for the single and double cupcakes? Thanks so much. csmazur@gmail.com Sonia

  10. HI Jen
    Thanks for the cup file may i Have this file also?

  11. I am so happy to see your little man looking healthy. Honestly Jen, I just want to squeeze him... Your son is just adorable!!! He could pretty-much get away with anything at my house... that sweet face and those adorable eyes!!! Yep, he'd be so spoiled. Good thing he is yours!!!!

  12. I love both these cupcake boxes - especially how they show off the cupcakes so well! Too cute.

    Could I get both of the cut files?


  13. Ok Porter needs to learn to share those cupcake with Aunt Lois. HA! They look yummy and so does he.
    Glad to hear that you like your tape gun. I knew you would. I love mine.
    Now for the serious stuff...May I have both cut files please for the single and the double. I would love to make these someday. Thanks so much for everything you do.


  14. Hi Jen

    great cupcakeboxes, my cupcakes never make it into a box LOL, DH and my DD's are better as a cupcakewrap hihihi.

    Lovely picture of your son, it's good he is feeling better.

    I saw tapeguns on blogs, but never have seen one here in holland, maybe I did nog search hard enough HIHI.
    Have a great Sunday.

    Hug Linda

  15. Hi Jen, luv the cupcake boxes. please could I have both cutfiles thank you

  16. Jen.. You are so talented! Can I get the cut files for both boxes? Thanks! Kasey I think you have my email!

  17. ATG guns and I don't get along very well, so if you still like that one 3 months from now, please let me know. I'm on ATG gun #2 right now and it's not acting right. I love the double cupcake box it looks great and can have many uses. Your son is so adorable!

  18. I love my ATG have had mine for 2 years works great
    double cupcake box looks great
    Your son is too cute

  19. You must tell me how to get your single cupcake box! This would be perfect for when my grand daughter takes treats to school. Her moms not much of a cook so it's all up to me. Just love you creativity!

  20. Jen-
    Darling double cupcake box too. You are SO creative! I would also love this .cut file.

  21. Hi Jen,
    I'm glad to finally got a ATG gun. I also order from them but my gun arrived in red color. I didn't know it came in red. I love your adorable son picture. I would love to have your cupcake box cut file.

    Thank you, Mama Chin email lindchin@gmail.com

  22. Hi Jen I love the cupcake boxes you made. Could I please have the cut file.

  23. Love your cupcake box for two. Can I have the cut file for both cupcake boxes? I'll have to check out the Tape Gun. Like you, I don't want to spend too much money. Thanks. csendykar@hotmail.com

  24. Would like your 2 cupcake box, Jen.

    ATGs are wonderful. I got mine for the same price as yours a year ago from Tape Solutions. I stock up on tape twice a year. It's definitely been one of my better craft buys.

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  25. Hi Jen,

    Just asked for the single cupcake box...now I see this bigger one and would LOVE that one too. Thanks so much in advance!! WAY CUTE!!

    Sincerely, Sara

  26. Hi Jen, You must be a mind reader. I was using this for birthday cupcakes and I thought I really would like a box a little bigger for my Critter muffins, they are butterflies and ladybugs, just a little to big for the original box. Please send me the file. Thanks.
    Kathy - Garfieldsmom

  27. This is so cute Love that it holds two of them. Could I please get the cut file for this.
    Thank you

  28. Jen, thanks for the single cupcake box cutfile. Would love to have the double cupcake box. pkmannix@yahoo.com

  29. Hi Jen! Can you send me this cut file please? Your son is too cute! =) Thanks,


  30. Too, too cute!! I love both boxes - what a great canvas to decorate. I'm just getting started with design studio software so I'd really appreciate your cut files for the single & double boxes. (jentalley@gmail.com) Thanks!!

  31. Jen,
    Love both cupcake boxes. Can you please
    send me the cut files for the double & single.

  32. niffybox-- thanks. would love to have it. kathy_orta@yahoo.com

  33. Thanks for the info regarding Tape Depot. You got me hooked. The ATG tape is double sided right? I assume it is but had to make sure, coz I could find it in the description.

    Also, which tape is best for just regular paper crafting. There was 4 different types. I know one of the tapes is removable but that left 3 others to choose. I believe the difference is the thickness. Since I've never bought I figure I'd ask you which one you bought.


  34. I would love to have the double cupcake cut file.


  35. Jen, the double cupcake holder is just perfect. I always want to take a little something to some peopl on their birthday and I always end up making two because I don't want to walk in with one cupcake for the person and not one for their spouse! Will they hold the large cupcakes, or just the standard size? This double holder is a must for every cupcake lover. Thank you so much.

    Susan W.

  36. Once again you have created a great project, the 2 cupcake box. I would love to have a copy of the cut file. Thanks


  37. Wow, a twofer...cupcakes (box that is) and new tape gadget. I'm ordering mine now.

    I have some really big cupcake fans in my family and this will be well used. Thanks so much. I hope your son feels better soon.

    webserendipity@gmail.com Thanks again.

    Oh yeah I saw the single cupcake box can I have that as well. You are SO SWEET.

  38. First of all, your son sure doesn't look sick to me....LOL what a cutie he is. Next, Me, being the box junkie that I have just has to have this box too,.... I love it Jen. Take care.

    Sharon atthesea@novuscom.net

  39. O GOODIE GOODIE...OO My Little Niece WILL Love me more than her other AUnts when she see this.!! YIPIEEEE!
    I LOVE U!!
    O can I PLEASE Have the cut file PRETTY PLEASE..:)

  40. Hi Jen love the cupcake box's, can I please
    have the cutfiles for both, my Emailis cpcumming@comcast.net

    Thank you!

  41. makes me wanna bake, hummm, since i can't can you please share both cupcake cut files and i can go and buy cupcakes (smile).

    ****I was wondering if you could send me a cut file: aiw4a@grandecom.net.

    Thank you!
    texas cricut gal!

  42. Oh, Jen! Please don't enable me any more than you have to want to buy an ATG gun. I've said no up to this point...

    I'd love the cut file for the cupcake box. thanks for sharing.

  43. Just incredible! I cannot even begin to say how neat you both made this double box!!


  44. Jen

    I LOVE the double cupcake box. his turne3d out too cute. Love the cutie eating the cupcake also. May I get a copy of the cutfile also. Thanks so much

  45. This is such a cute box. This would be perfect for my get together with the girls next month for scrappin. I love to make them a little treat. Can you please send me the file. Thank you for your creative kindness.


  46. I would love the cut file and instructions for the the single and double cupcake boxes. They are awesome!!

  47. Thanks for the Tape Depot website. I want to order the Tape gun, but not sure what size tape I would need. Could you let me know what size you use. Thanks, Susan

  48. LUCKY101@HAWAII.RR.COMMarch 28, 2009 at 11:59 PM

    Wow, love both your cupcake boxes! What a great idea. You are just too creative using your DS. Do you mind to share your cutfiles for the single and double cupcake boxes? Thanks a bunch!


  49. Jen, I ordered the atg gun from tape depot..paid/ordered on March 13th haven't seen it yet and receive no response from my email to them... did it take a while for yours to arrive? I may try calling again today, not very good at waiting. Thanks again for all of your cute files,

  50. Hi Jen,

    I love the cupcake boxes. I work at a daycare & these would be lovely for the kids on holidays! May I please by any chance have the cut files for both the single & double boxes? Thanks!

    Tracy Henson-Drozd

  51. Jen, Kim again, I need the double cupcake box it it so cute, I'll take the little guy eating the cupcake too. He's adorable I can't believe you have a little one and still find time to do all the creations you do. You must be superwoman. Thanks for sharing. kzminis@aol.com

  52. Love the double cupcake box, thanks for sharing.


  53. That s so cute. Be awesome to take to lunch with a friend or loved one. You are very creative.

  54. I just found your blog! IT IS SO FABULOUS! Please send me your pattern for the double cupcake box... I would love to make it for my mom!

    Jill Boyer

  55. mmmmmm cupcakes! Can I please get the file for both boxes please, thanks soooo much!

  56. Hello again,
    I would love if you would share this cut file with me for my Cricut DS. Thanks a bunch!
    Lisa B

  57. Double Cupcake Box -- how clever. I would love to have the cut file.




  58. I would love to get a copy of your double cup cake box...its wonderful. I am so happy to have found your site.

  59. Hi Jen,
    You guys really rock. When I grow up I want to be like you all. You all are so creavity, i am on my way. I love the two cupcake box, the single and the double. Could i please have those cut files. Thank you. my email address is apriljackson3@yahoo.com


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