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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sending Well Wishes

Yesterday, I was inspired to make a card. No reason that I could think of but just to pull out some fun new supplies and do it. Then, I received an email from a friend....

My friend Sheila from the message board has been dealing with some health issues for nearly a year. Problems have ranged from incompetent doctors to misdiagnosis. I'm telling you, it's like an episode of House. Sheesh!! The good news: She was telling me recently that they may be getting it figured out. {Thank heavens!!}

In addition to all of that, she had dealt with the loss of several family members over the past few years and now is facing another ... She has a sister and best friend Linda who is suffering from a rare sarcoma of the bronchial tube and heart. Basically, she has cancerous tumors on her lungs and heart. The doctors had originally given her 6 months to live but has survived it by 4 1/2 yrs. Sadly, things are changing... Sheila says that Linda's health is deteriorating quickly and she is experiencing fewer and fewer moments of clarity any more. On top of all of that, due to Medicare restrictions and lack of personal funds, they have had to move Linda from nursing home to hospice to hospital... shuttling her off to whomever will take her... sometimes just for a couple days each. That too is taking its toll on Linda's well being.

Sheila would love to do something for her to help lift her spirits. She told me that Linda used to be a scrapbooker and card maker. She is hoping that there may be some charitable crafters out there that would be willing to send Linda a card. Wishing her well. Sharing a happy thought. Anything, really.

Let me know if you are willing to help out. Send me a message. I'll send you Sheila's address. You can send the card to Linda in her care. She will take the cards to Linda where ever she is currently "housed."
Thank you so much for considering my request. If you're not able to send a card, might you consider a prayerful thought of peace and comfort sent in their direction? It would be greatly appreciated.
Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday!
  • No DS
  • Stamp: Damask Designs (PaperTrey Ink). Created the background, paper ribbon, feature design and the sentiment all with the same stamp set.
  • Cardstock: Plum Pudding, Melon Berry (PaperTrey Ink), white (Georgia Pacific)
  • Ink: Cream (Colorbox), Melon Berry (PaperTrey Ink), Versamark
  • Embossing powder: Mango, Lily Pily (Opalettes)
  • Ribbon (Michael's)


  1. I have Linda in my prayers for some peace & comfort. And {hugs} to your friend Jen.

  2. Jen, thanks for sharing your giving spirit... this card would surely uplift her day! the colors work great and that PP is perfect for that image you have added dimension to... i think Linda will love it. I will have her in my prayers and light a candle for her today. Please consider me in; would love to send her a card - something to bring a smile to Linda. thanks! (carol_cabezas@msn.com)

  3. Oh how sad. I will definitely keep Linda (the whole family) in my prayers. I probably won't have time to make a card, but I can write a few words if that's ok.....

  4. Hi Jen,
    Please send me Sheila's address so I can send a card and please tell her that I will pray for Linda. Hugs...

    Kathy - Garfieldsmom

  5. Jen, I'll send a card and prayers. Please send me the addy, and I'll get it out right away!

  6. I would love to send a card to your friend. Send me the address and I will get right on. I will send my prayers as well.


  7. Jen,
    Send me the address and I will send a card. I don't mind at all and my thoughts and prayers are with them all.

  8. Jen, I would love to send a card and will certainly say a prayer. That is so sad to hear this. mjsmith39@msn.com

  9. Jen,
    The family will have my prayers. My gosh,what more can happen to one family.
    I will also make a card for her. Just get me her address.
    Thanks for sharing your caring. be glad to help.


  10. I would be happy to send a couple of cards her way. Just shoot me the address!

  11. Sad news, Jen.
    I'd like to do my small part to bring some cheer for Linda.
    Send me the info.

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  12. Aloha Jen, so sorry to hear about your friend and her sister. Count me in!! I would like to send a card - please let me know where to send it. Thank you.

  13. Jen, I would love to send Linda a card. Please forward me the addy. Totally a horrible situation to be in, makes me sad to hear she is being treated this way with todays medicine. Many prayers and blessings for Linda and your friend.

    Beautiful card, she is going to love it. Isn't Damask Designs wonderful ;)


  14. I will be more than happy to send her a card - just let me know the address to send the card to - whatever I can do to help cheer her up and I will pray for her as well


  15. Hello... I just read this. I'd be glad to send Linda a card. Please just email me the address and I'll make her up something pretty.


    sparkofwhimsy at gmail dot com

  16. Hi Jen....please e-mail me Sheila's address. I'd love to help! Such a sweet thing to do. Cindy

  17. Jen - I'd love to send a card to Linda. Please send me the address - cpereira (at) mudmaven (dot) com. ~chris

  18. If it's not to late I would love to send a card for Sheila, please send me Linda's address. How sad I will also have both of them in my prayers.
    Donna (NanaDonna on MB)

  19. I cannot thank you enough for lifting my sister's spirit! Every single card was more than absolutely amazing, beautiful and extremely kind of you to think of my sister at this time.



  20. And by the way, Fida, you outdid yourself!!! Thanks so much!

    Sending love to Hawaii,


  21. I just got my DS and was told about your blogspot. It is great and I love your designs. Once I get started using my DS I am sure I will be visiting your site frequently. Thanks for all the effort and creativity you have put into this site.


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