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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leprechaun trap

Remember the witch's shoe? My sister called me yesterday afternoon asking for the shoe pattern because her daughter needed to make a Leprechaun Trap for a class assignment.

Here is a picture and description of the trap the way it was set up at home (not sure exactly how the 5 yr old set it up at school. LOL)...
"A golden box with rainbow images... and a pile of gold (rocks cloaked in golden paint) with a beeeeeeauuuuuutiful shoe for those sneaky cobbler-leprechauns...
and you can see the bag of lucky charms ready for snacking... and when the leprechaun lifts that last golden rock the string will release and drop the lantern "trap" over the leprechaun and capture her."

(Emma insists her leprechaun is a girl so it had to be a pink shoe.) :o)

Have a happy St. Patrick's day!!


  1. Hi Jen,

    This is just so cute! I've been meaning to make one of those shoes I've been seeing on SCS but just hate to manually cut the pattern out. Using the Cricut would make it sooooo much easier. Please send me the cut file. Thanks for sharing.
    Diane S.

  2. super cute! Jen can I get that shoe pattern? Thanks! Kasey (mikesdork@aol.com)

  3. Oh Jen that turned out adorable... and of course the leprechaun is a girl. LOL

  4. OMG, Jen, what a burst of creativity you got here! Looks like so much FUN! Hope your niece captured her leprechaun - "she" surely was enticed by this fab shoe!

  5. That is just so cute. The 5 yr olds were probably in awe...

    great work,

  6. I love this! I can't wait to show my kids, thank you!

  7. I can see your niece gets her creativity most likely from her talented aunt (you). I always love your creations and I think I always will.

    Would love the file for the shoe, thanks for sharing.


  8. Cute.
    Of course, the shoe had to be pink...gosh & begorrah!

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  9. too cute! I love that trap she made using the shoe too!!! That was very clever! My dd is PETRIFIED of the leprechan so we have been really hush hush about it this year!!!

  10. What a clever idea!
    I have seen traps that were not nearly as creative as this one and I am sure she is a big hit at school! LOL

    Please send me the shoe cutfile

  11. Jen, you've been so generous with your cut files already that I tried to avoid asking for another; but this shoe is so darn cute, I just couldn't not ask. Would you please send me the cut file?

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!


  12. Love love love everying!1 I want them all!


  13. Hi Jen,

    Hope this finds you well and ready for summer! When you have the chance, could you please send the cut file for the shoe? I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much!

    Smiles, Janet Dodge


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