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Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm gonna teach...

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't been posting much lately. Truthfully, I've been a bit busy. Life has gotten silly-busy lately and I really would be happy if it would slow back down to its normal speed for a bit. But... that may not happen for a while. You see.... Not too long ago I was shopping at my local JoAnns and the cashier asked what I was going to do with all the paper stacks I'd purchased. I said I like to make cards and stuff with my Cricut.

She said, "Oh? aAre you really good?"

I said, "I can hold my own." (*wink*) "I use the Design Studio software and create my own designs."

She said, "You should come here and teach!!"

"HUH?" (*insert baffled look here*)

She said, "Yeah, they need someone to come teach that program here."

Now, I had checked with sevral of the local scrapbook stores but nobody wanted DS classes. So I figured it was a done deal. No interest. No classes. Well, guess what? I spoke with the education person for my local store and she told me that every time she does a demo for the machine she has people asking her about when they will provide classes for DS. Apparently she's been waiting for me and I didn't even know it.

We'll see how it goes. My first class isn't until mid-April. So I have a bit of work to do before then. Bear with me folks. I'm not abandoning my blog but I have some class prep to get ready before my first class. I'll be posting a few times a week still, but probably not every day. (*sniff sniff*) I'll still send the files out as quick as I can.

That's all for tonight. Take care! More creations soon.


  1. I am so excited for you... where do you live, I want to come to your classes.... how fun... I need someone close so I can learn...:-(

  2. I forgot to tell you I am almost done with the monkey card, I can't wait to show you, it is turning out so cute....Again, I am so excited for you, you will make an awesome teacher... I am still waiting for another lesson :-(

  3. Jen,
    I am so happy for you. You really should be teaching ds. You are so great designing and doing tutorials. And you are great at sharing all of your information.
    We will sure miss you everyday, but CRICUT WOMEN ARE SHARING WOMEN.
    Wishing you loads of luck and fun in your new job. You deserve this.


  4. wooooohoooooooooooooo can you see me jumping up and down with glee Jen lol
    That's great news and very well deserved!
    Good luck
    Anne x

  5. WooHoo, Jen! Congratulations on your new teaching job. Sigh, I do wish I lived in your area so I could attend! So lucky, the people who will get to attend your class...taught by the "MASTAH" herself! :)

  6. Good for you. Don't forgot about little ole us!!! They're lucky to have you. Wish I were there.

    Sherry Mc.

  7. Good for you!!!
    I am so jealous of those who will be attending your classes.
    I know you will do a fantastic job.

    Now,get your butt in gear and plan some projects.Good luck.Let us know how everything goes.

    big hug
    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  8. Jen

    I am so HAPPY for you! It is just awesome that you are going to be able to teach classes and earn some money for your talent while still being able to share it with others!!


  9. Congrats Jen!! Where do you live? Can I come to your class? You are the best on the board with DS and I am envious of the people who get to learn from you! I am glad that you are willing to share your talent! Good luck!!

  10. Congrats!!! I bet you're going to Love it! I wish I lived in your area. I would come to every meeting.

  11. Wished I lived in your area. I would love to come to your class. Good luck!

  12. Jen

    That is great news. You should also do a CD, and I'm the first one to order. I wish I could attend one of your classes.

    You go Girl!


  13. What a fabulous opportunity! You are going to be great! I may have to fly down for a class LOL Good luck!

  14. Way to go, I'm proud of you! Instead of abdandoning us, perhaps you can offer on-line classes to coincide with your "real" classes. I'd love to see what you're teaching!

  15. Jen,
    Congratulations on your wonderful news. It sound like a lot of fun. I only wish I could attend. You are such a talented and kind person. You will be great teacher. Good luck and have fun!

    Linda Chin

  16. OH MY GOSH!! Jen...that is so awesome!! Good for you!! I, too, wish there were some of these classes in my area. That is great. You will do so wonderful!!

  17. Congratulations Jen. I'm sure you'll do an awesome job. I wish I lived closer to you so that I could attend your classes.

  18. Congratulations, Jen. I wished I live close so I can attend your class (sigh).

  19. wahoo! This certainly is huge and WELL DESERVED. I am so very happy for you!!!!!

  20. Oh my gosh!! I am so happy for you. Actually they don't know how LUCKY they are to have you. I know you will be thinking about all of us. Yeah right! Now you can teach, shop and play!! Congratulations!
    We will be looking forward to all of your updates. Next time I go to Phoenix I will look you up again and maybe get some one on one.


  21. Congrats! You can do more than, "hold your own!" You are great with the Cricut and Design Studio. I also wish I could attend your classes. I would sit right up front and bring you an apple each day....because I need all the help that I can get! LOL! Enjoy teaching. I know you will do great! I hope all of your students know how lucky they are to be taught hands on by you. Take care.

  22. How wonderful for you!! That's exciting! Actually, that JoAnn doesn't know how lucky they are to have you. We will miss you every day but look forward to still seeing your postings.


  23. Wish I lived locally, so I could come along! There's a little something waiting for you on our blog, if you'd care to pop over and pick it up...



  24. What a match made in heaven! Congratulations, on the perfect job finding you. Good luck in your new role. I know you'll be great.

    Kind regards,

    karen hilaire

  25. Hi Jen: I am so thrilled you will be teaching classes at JoAnn's. They are SOOOO lucky to have you.
    I'm green with envy. Hope you have fun. Your classes will be AMAZED and count their lucky stars!

    Judy Dunsmore

  26. Congrats on the class! I'm just disappointed you're too far for me to make the classes. Have fun!!

  27. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How lucky your students will be to have you for a teacher. I am so jealous that California is just a little too far for me to drive from Georgia to attend one of your classes. HA!

    You are the best.


  28. Jen,
    I'm no happy for you - I wish I still lived in Phoenix so I could take a class or two.

    You'll do great! Congratulations - good things come to those who wait.

    Best wishes,


  29. Hi Jen,

    It's Pina, I don't know if you remember me. Anyhoo, I had been working lately and so I hadn't had the time to craft and visit the Cricut message board. Then, I lost my job but it was such a welcomed break! So, I can help make more wonderful memories in different ways.
    Congrats! On your classes and your blog. I love it! Looking foward to seeing more of your work.
    Take Care,

  30. You are going to enjoy teaching at J's so much. Many, many, many years ago I taught rubber stamping at the local Ben Franklins, and it was a lot of fun. You will do a fantastic job, and I only wish I lived closer to be able to take some of your classes. I would sign up in a heartbeat. Have fun with this.

  31. congratulations on your new teaching post!! Good luck.

  32. Congratulations, so happy for you. It was meant to be, you are so talented and this is the perfect opportunity for you. Now, how I wish I lived in your area so I could attend some of those classes.

    Best of luck with your class and all the prep work that goes with it. Remember to post about it, so we can read updates of your new endeavor too.

    doramiyi at gmail dot com

  33. Darnit!!! I wanna live where you live!!!!

    Great job and good luck!!

  34. Congrat. I know you will do an excellent job!

  35. Hi Jen, Congratulations on your teaching job:-) Enjoy. Loved the story about your son's gardening as well:-)

  36. Congrats JenC.,
    even though i know we won't lose you, i feel so lonely. (sniff) I hope it is fun and not too overwhelming for you. hopefully your students will have more sense than me when i ask questions. HEEHEE.

  37. Congrats, Jen!!! Lucky those who could attend your classes!!! :) they will for sure learn A LOT!!! You will make a great teacher and you have lots to teach, how exciting!

  38. WTG!! Can't wait to hear about your fist class! Wish you were here in Texas! ;)


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