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Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden rescue..... Call 911!!

Seemed innocent enough. I sent my son out to play in the backyard. You see, it's the first Monday of our two-week long Spring Break. He was quietly playing with his dumptruck in the back yard. I guess that should have been my first clue that there was a small problem. But no. I was busy blog hopping and reading emails and such, looking for inspiration for my next DS project. I have fans waiting, don't you know? :)

Hubby went out to see what he was up to. Come on hun, I thought, have a little faith that our son can entertain himself outside. I mean, he's really good about playing by himself here in the house but once he gets in the back yard he wants us out there with him. I was so proud of him. Here I was thinking, "Wow! Finally! He's figured it out!"


The conversation went something like this...
"Uh, Jen?" came hubby's voice through the screen door.
"What?" I replied.
"He's been digging in the garden."
"You're kidding right?"

Hubby wasn't kidding. We lost a tomato plant and our onion plants. (*sniff sniff*)
Oh well. We have 3 other tomato plants and we can buy onions I guess. It won't be the first time. This is our first garden so we sort of expected casualties. Just not quite in this way.
Happy Monday! Have a great day everyone. Time to go entertain the three year old so we don't lose any more plants. :)


  1. OH NO!!! JEN, the tomatoes! But on the positive, he may be getting "interested" in gardening, and he had to start somewhere :) he needed a closer look at the plant and how that worked (and he did what he sure has seen his mom do plenty of times, except he didn't quite get it right :)) oh well, baby steps :)...

    BTW, love your new blog look! PRETTY and SPRINGY! :)

  2. Yup, silence should have been your first clue, missy!
    I raised 2 boys and that always was the indication of mischief afoot.
    Now I just sit back and smile to myself when my sons tell me what the grandkids have done while "playing quietly" :0)

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  3. I guess he thought it was a weed. They're so cute you can't be mad. I'm having a garden this year for the first time in years. Hope we have the proper rain. Take care.

  4. Jen I think we have all experienced something similar with our boys. My heart goes out to you on the loss of the garden plants but kudos to you for just writing it off as experience that a parents gets... on the job training.

  5. rofl
    that't teach ya to blog hop and not keep an eye out. Don't ya know your supposed to have eyes in the back of your head too Jen.

  6. What a garden in Arizona? Oh well I am going to sound like a grandma here....you can always plant another garden. How funny!!


  7. Jen,
    Love your new blog. So brogjt and cute.
    You know something, when I read your blog on planting your litle garden and your son helping, I kinda thought how long would it be before he got interested in it and wanted to check it out. !! I think it is really cute, cause I raised 3 rascal boys that had to get into everything you could imagine. I'm sure he had fun exploring.. Give him a big hug....
    hugs to you,

  8. oo Jen what a great son you have. He made me laugh.
    Well you know what we did when our girls were small, They both got their own peace of the backyard, to take care of hihi they chose their own plants and could dig in the dirt as often as they want, hihi they did not one plant. They took realy good care of them, it was always so fun to see, When wanted to do the backyard, they came out and dit their own peace, because they were afraid mommy would kill their plants.

    Hug linda

  9. Oh Jen, he was just trying to be helpful :-). I don't know if you scrap but these pictures will make a great layout. Give the little guy a big hug and take him to the FARMERS MARKET with you later this summer :-)

    BTW I like the new blog page, so bright and cheerful and good luck with the new teaching job.
    Kathy - Garfieldsmom

  10. Only having a girl I never got to experiece the joy of a child wanting to dig in the dirt - but I really enjoyed experiencing it with you!

  11. You are so funny Jen... I love to come to your blog (and love your new look) This will be a good story to scrap... Can't wait to see the lo's you come up with...

  12. OOPS!

    Hi Jen, I made your box chick it is on my blog today. Thank you so very much it is stinking cute my niece and nephews will love the little treat.

  13. Just think what could have been done if he had a couple of brothers to help! My son has 3 boys and a girl and they keep him hopping. Enjoy as they grow to fast.



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