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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You're Da'Bomb Valentine!

A little something to post today. Lastnight I put together a super fast (relatively speaking) Valentine for my son to hand out at school on Friday. Hubby was overly explicit about making sure that his son did not give out heart shaped Valentines to boys. I kept telling him, "Hun, they're 4. Believe me when they see the candy they won't care what the card says or looks like. They'll just know that your son is cool for giving candy." (Am I right or am I right?)

As I got thinking about simple little Valentine-like sayings I remembered that there was a cannonball like 'bomb' on Mickey & Friends. Perfect! Just what I needed.

I created the WordArt in MS Publisher. Then used the bomb and the flag from Mickey & Friends and also a couple George shapes to create the tag.
Once again Hubby stepped in and asked, "The girls get the pink boxes and the boys get the brown, right?"
"Yes, dear."
Wording says, "You're da'bomb Valentine!"
Then just used markers to draw around it in pink and create the flame with yellow and orange.
  • Cricut, DS and Cartridges: Mickey and Friends, George
  • Black cardstock (The Paper Company)
  • White cardstock (Georgia Pacific)
  • Markers (Crayola)
  • white gel pen
  • Fonts: Walt Disney Script, Tigger


  1. LOL your hubby is sooooooo funny. I am glad you get to create something sometimes for you and not always everyone else... they turned out so cute. Make sure the girls get the pink ones..

  2. this is so creative love it now the girls get the pink and the boys get the brown LOL
    great job

  3. Jen, Your husband is so funny! Especially for a four-year old. My son, who is 30, teases me and his wife about scrapbooking so much when we get together. We told him that we were making cards for everyone. He commented that you can't make masculine cards. Now my challenge is to come up with masculine cards for my boys. How silly, they love whatever they get anyway. I love your project, they are adorable and gender appropriate.

  4. Jen,
    Your hubby is a typical man with a son !!! My husband used to do the same thing with our 3 sons. But it was ok for our daughter to have her own box of Tonka cars and trucks...go figure !!
    But anyway, they al grew up normal..ha ha
    love your creation for your sons Valentine gifts. Looks great. and the kids will love it..


  5. Those boxes are so cute Jen. It is always hard to do valentines for boys, they are just the right thing.
    Take care

  6. Oh Jen, these are great... and you are so right, is the quality of the candy that would be key; but with these, he will be noticed... they look like FUN :) Great job! At 4, he is thinking MOM IS THE BOMB as well :) ....

  7. what a stinkin cute Idea! Very clever Jen!!!!

  8. Jen:

    The boys will love these! They love anything that blows up! These valentines are so cute, and it looks like they're really quick to put together as well. Thanks for sharing!


  9. I bet the kids just loved these!! My grandsons would love these!



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