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Monday, February 2, 2009

Another sick day...

Well, I'm feeling better but now my son is sick. AGAIN! Sheesh! Why do parents send their kids to school sick? Good grief! My poor son seems to catch every bug out there. This is the third time he's been sick in two months. You don't want to hear my gripe and complain... So let's talk about what I did today with my son because we are home sick today: We made Cupcakes!!! YUM!!

My son likes his mostly plain with just a little bit of frosting. But I wanted to do something special for hubby since he's such a great guy. :o) So I whipped up some homemade gourmet Ding Dongs. When we first got married, we used to have a box of them in our freezer. He loved them and ate them all the time. We stopped buying them several years ago but we always seem to have a box of devils food cake mix in our pantry. This isn't the first time I've made these, but it's the first time I've had a blog when I made them. So now I get to share them with the world. hehehe!

I don't remember where I learned how to do this but if you want to create them for a loved one at your home this is how it's done.... err... this is how I do it.

Bake your cupcakes and let them cool.
I prefer homemade frosting so I made some. I don't usually follow a recipe. I start with a little butter and some cream cheese. I whip it together in my mixer with some cream and vanilla and then add powdered sugar until I have the consistency I want. I put a large star tip in the corner of a large plastic zip-top bag that I've snipped the corner off of and the put 90% of the frosting in the bag. Poke the star tip into the cupcake and squeeze the frosting bag and slowly pull the tip out of the cupcake as the frosting fills up the center of the cupcake. Don't squeeze too hard, you don't want to blow the frosting out the bottom and sides of the cupcakes.

Take the excess bit of frosting off the top of the cupcake....

...so it's nice and flat/smooth.

Then I made some chocolate ganache. I put some cream (maybe 1/4 cup) in a small saucepan on my stove on low and threw in several handfuls of dark chocolate chips. I let the warm cream melt the chocolate chips and stirred it together. I think it was somewhere around 1/2 cup. Then took it off the stove top to cool. Spread the ganache on the top of the cupcake.

Take the rest of your frosting and put it in a small zip-top bag and snip the corner. Use this bag to doodle decorations the top of your cupcakes.


And see what happens when you cut it in half....

... Cream in the center just like a Ding Dong :o) Yes, this cupcake was sacrificed for quality control purposes and for all of you to see how I made them. But don't you think it was worth it?? I will tell you it was yummy, Yummy, YUMMY!

Here's the plate full I made for hubby. He surprised me and came home for lunch.... and ate two.
Yeah, I did good. :o)

Hope you all have had a terrific day!


  1. So sorry that your son is sick now too! The cupcakes look so yummy...I think I had made something similar to this years ago...makes me want to try them again. Thanks and here is hopes that your son gets better fast. :)


  2. Jen,
    I just don't know how you do it all. You have time to bake cupcakes for your family while they're sick and take pix and tell us all about it. you're amazing.



  4. Oooh, your cupcakes look so sinfully delicious...just reading the recipe and looking at the photos is making my mouth water!
    p.s. thanks for the cut files!

  5. these cupcakes look very tasty, yummy.
    hope your son will feel better soon.

    hug Linda

  6. YUM! I need to head to the kitchen and do some baking. Hope the family gets well soon.


  7. Why, oh, why did I look at your blog in the morning? You're making my mouth water with those luscious looking ding dongs!! And I'm sitting here eating an apple :0(

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  8. Jen, SO Sorry your son is sick, don't you just hate trading the sick bug back and forth. I hope he feels better...
    Now, it just so happens that I have everything to make CUPCAKES!!!
    Those have got to make him feel better!!!!

  9. These look so good:-} Wish they could come through the C screen. Hope you stay well. I have tried to PM you but can't get through, box is full.
    Kathy MB- Grafieldsmom

  10. Ok I am still feeling sick but those cupcakes look YUMMY! I wish I could get rid of this stomach ache feeling. Hope Porter gets to feeling better!! I can't believe with all you do you can even design delicious cupcakes.

  11. Hope your son is feeling better. I'm sure the "ding dongs" made him a little better anyway. They look yummy! I have not done these before, but I have made yellow cupcakes and used lemon curd in the center, also at times used lime curd.
    Wow, I may have to go and check the pantry to see if chocolate cake mix is in there!!

  12. Jen, these cupcakes look yummy! I tried to PM you on the MB, but it says your inbox if full. I was hoping to get the cut file you created of the Rolodex card? You posted about it this past July....My computer crashed, and I have decided I need a written backup of all my contacts, and I have run out of Rolodex cards..yikes! Can you please help?
    thank you so much!

  13. Jen, I tried PMing you on the MB, but it says your box is full. I saw that you created a Rolodex cut file this past summer, and I was hoping you would share with me. My computer has recently crashed, so I decided that I need to keep a written back up of all my contacts. Of course, I run out of Rolodex cards, so I am hoping you can help. You can email me anthosj{at}bellsouth{net} I would be so appreciative!

  14. These look great - Sorry your son is sick 0 seems like it is really going around right now. I hope he is feeling better soon!


  15. NICE ONE!! Mom of the year award!! Ha ha!! :) Really, I am sure your son enjoyed those...hope he is better soon!! We are all thinking of you!!

    Sara B.

  16. Yummy!! Great idea, Jen. Sure wish I could bake. LOL!

  17. Next time I'm sick can I come to your house? Wait, I think I'm feeling a fever....Darn, it's a hot flash! Great cupcakes I think I'm going to try them, I found a great three-tiered cupcake holder at Ross and can't wait to use it. This seems like the perfect time. Thanks for sharing.

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