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Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you so much :o)

I've received a handful of awards from some fellow Cricut & DS creators. I'm really humbled by these recognitions. :o) Thank you so much. I'm honored.

Jill/DivaInPink gave me this lovely award

Rue/Ruelysi and Ann/CraftyAnny gave me for this one

Dawn/Froggy gave me this one:

Charlie/OpiesMom gave me this cute one:

One more... I received this beauty from Sandy

Aren't these SO much fun?!! {Big Smile}

They all had their own set of "RULES" so I apologize if I have screwed them up by combining them all in one big post.

Five things I'm grateful for (they can be considered random facts too, right?)
  1. My wonderful hubby... He is SO patient with my crafting necessities spread out all over the house, which includes my laptop and E on the kitchen table, my huge Fiskars cutting mat, sketch pad and scrapbooking/card making supplies on the kitchen island, and the guest bed once again full of supplies. (they're easier to access when they're not put away. LOL)

  2. My son ... He teaches me patience. I have very little, but every day I gain a little more.

  3. Terrific cyber friends. They watch out for me and let me know when I should check something out. You guys are the best!!

  4. Blogs and Message boards... Yes, they gobble up all of my free time but I learn so much and get inspired from so many that are willing to share via their blogs or message forums.

  5. The library... Sadly, it's not because of the books. When I take my son to school I go to the closest library that has wireless connectivity and work on projects and answer emails and update my blog until my son is done with school so we can go home. It saves me from spending money I don't have (I've also scouted out every scrapbook & craft store in the area) but also it gives me a place to get some things done away from home. Plus, I save gasoline because I don't have to drive all the way home for a couple hours and then turn around and come back to pick my son up from school. (Did I mention the school is 45 miles from home?)
Thank you all so very much for making my life what it is!!

Ok... some blogs you should check out:
Carla/ScrappedLives - Next to Capadia, I think Carla is a wizard when it comes to All-In-One piece DS designs. (You have the patience of a saint!!)

Tomiannie/I LovePrettyPaper - Well, shoot... her blog name says it all. We share the same love for pretty paper. And her creativity is wonderful too!

Jennifer/Scrapperatheart - It doesn't hurt that we share the same first name. Her skills at creating fab layouts and getting just the right pic of her kids is AMAZING!

Lindsay --The frugal crafter - I'm a stay-at-home-mom and a crafter so tips on frugality while still being able to craft! What's not to love?

Amanda/Amkscrap - another terrific DS creator who shares with everyone. So generous!

So, take one award or take them all. You deserve them! You are all amazing at what you do!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Congrats on your awards...you deserve each one of them! Thanks for all you do for us!

  2. Thanks for sharing your rewards with us:-) Much appriciated:-)

  3. Hey thanks for the link Jen, I have big thanks to you on my bolg too!


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