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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deep Cut Blade

If you are still on the fence about whether you need the deep cut blade and housing I may have found the catalyst to launch you out of your quandry.

Do you cut Bazzil (or similar) cardstock and get ragged, fuzzy, peeled-apart cardstock when you're done? The deep cut blade is the answer to your problem. I have tried everything to get a great cut with the standard blade. It was rare and I usually ended up ruining more cardstock than it was worth. Whether I tried blade 6 and max pressure or lower settings and multicut I always ended up with fuzzy peeled up edges, uncut corners, and detail cuts were a nightmare. No more!

Check it out!
On the left I cut my design with a standard blade. Blade 4. Pressure high. Multicut 2. On the right. I cut the exact same design with the deepcut blade. Blade 4. Pressure high. Single cut. (I pulled a couple of the negative pieces out of the center so you can see how clean the cut lines are.)

And here, I've pulled them off the mat.... As you can see, the one on the left is headed for the garbage, but the one on the left, although not perfect, is definitely salvageable!! Woohoo!!

Let's talk about why it's important to have the Deep Cut Housing and not just the blade...
The deep cut blade housing is shorter than the standard housing.....
.... thereby allowing more of the deep cut blade to appear outside the housing and allowing the deep cut blade to cut thicker materials. In the pictures below I put the deep cut blade into both housings on blade depth 6 so you can see how much of the blade sticks out the bottom of the housing. The deep cut housing is on the left, the standard on the right.
One more interesting feature I found on the deep cut housing... They added a 1/2 way mark for the blade depth. So if at any time you find that 4 is too shallow but 5 is too deep, now you can put the blade depth at 4 1/2. Cool, huh?
Off to go play some more with my new blade and housing, which was a gift from Cindy. (See, even I was on the fence until someone pushed me off. LOL) Thanks girl!! You are too kind.
More info and answered questions....
Q: Do you leave your deep cut blade in all the time?
A: I originally thought, sure, why not? But today I attempted to cut some basic paper with it. Blade 3, pressure high.... The deep cut blade didn't even scratch it. I left everything in the machine the way it was (didn't move the mat, didn't unload or reload or last load) except I swapped out my blade housings and set the standard blade to 3. Press cut again on DS and the paper cut beautifully. I'm not sure why it the deep cut blade didn't cut the paper. Doesn't make sense. But it didn't. So, I guess I need to alter my original plan... I will not be leaving the deepcut blade housing in my machine indefinitely.
Q: Does it scar my mats worse than the standard blade?
A: No. The blade doesn't push into your mat deeper. The cutting part of the blade is longer but the blade as a whole is not longer. That is why it needs the shorter housing so more of the cutting part of the blade can stick out thus allowing it to cut through thicker materials. The reason why Bazzill and chipboard and similar materials fuzz and peel with the standard blade is because the cutting area on the standard blade is so short that the piece of metal just above the blade area is running through the cutting crevace. It would be like trying to cut a tall angel food cake with a steak knife: You could do it, but to get the blade to the cut the base of the cake you would pretty much have to rip the top of the cake with the handle (or even your hand). Does that makes sense??


  1. I am going to get it, thank you so much for the photos. I gasped when I saw the price for the housing at HL yikes it was over 30.00. I would get it to cut PTI card stock and chipboard.

  2. I have the deep cut. I will remember this tip. thanks

  3. Hi Jen
    Thanks so much for the explanation, you make it sound so easy but I must say after reading this I think the deep blade houseing will be added to my wish list.
    I've left you a little something over at my very new blog just to show my appreciation and ofcourse to encourage you to keep up the good work you do for us.

  4. You little enabler you.. Do you leave it in all the time and use it for all of your cuts or do you take it out and use the other one? That probably doesn't make any sense.

  5. Jen,
    Thanks so much for this information. I, too, have been going back and forth trying to decide if I should or not.
    made up my mind for me. I was also wasting a lot of cardstock. Especially the adhesive backed ones. This is great.

  6. Hello,
    I cannot wait to visit Florida at the end April for many reasons... one good one being that the Deep Blade housing has been delivered to my home there and I cannot wait to get my mits on it and use it when I return to the UK! Many many thanks for the article - it confirms I made a good purchase choice after all!
    Angela xxxx.

  7. Hi Jen,
    Glad you got the new blade. Thanks for the information on the differences. I have mine but have not used it yet. As one of the previous posters asked, do you think it would be easier to leave it in all the time?
    Kathy MB- Garfieldsmom

  8. Does it scar you mats any worse than the regular blade?

    Thanks for the info!


  9. Hi Jen...

    I have the deep blade and haven't used it much. Need to experiment more. Thanks so much for the tips. Appreciate it!!

    Sara B.

  10. Okay, you've convinced me...on it goes to my wishlist. Thanks for the detailed explanations and photos. I swear, PC needs to pay you for all this promoting you do for them! lol!

  11. thanks for the info Jen. I purchased this at Christmas.....and haven't taken it out of the packaging yet.

  12. Great info, Jen. I've had my deep cut blade & housing for a few months and have yet to try it.

    Even new regular blades don't cut my Bazill completely - usually have to snip an edge and pop out the image, so I'll give the deep cut blade a try.

  13. Geez whiz, didn't you know when your not feeling well your suppose to stay in bed not cook and create? I gained 2 lbs. just looking at those cupcakes.
    I would love the cut for the cute handled bag. Hope everyone gets well real soon.

  14. Thanks for the info. I was not sure about getting this blade since I really don't do chipboard, but I think you convinced me to get it. Thanks for your help.

  15. thanks so much for sharing all this information. I do have this and tried it once but the blade did not complete it's cuts. Such as when I went to cut a O the cute did not match up and close the o. Does that make sense? Any tips for me? I haven't tried it since. Thanks again.

  16. I bought it and have used it on think chipboard but can't wait to use it on thicker stuff. Thanks for the information.

  17. Thank you for the info Jen, I have had the deep housing blade for over 6 mths and have not used it as yet - and I like many others have the problem with the Bazzill, so I am going to dust off the deep blade housing and give it a go.


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