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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tutorial: Notepad cover with Pen loop

Several of you have requested this file. I think the assembly is pretty self explanitory but just in case I have a quick tutorial for those of you that aren't 100% sure what to do with it.

Cut the cover piece out and score it. For information on how I use my cricut to score see the end this post.

You will want to fan fold along your score lines. From the outside of the cover it will be mountain (point out), valley (point in), mountain.

:o( Sorry about the blurriness. My camera is not really good at zooming in for detail.

Now, reverse the pen loop's center fold line so it is sticking out along the spine of the notepad cover. (*Again, blurry pic... my fault not your eyes going bad on you)

I used a scrap left over from my 12x12 paper to make a pocket and attached it to the left side panel. Then I attached some super sticky/redliner tape to the spine. I enhanced the scorelines in the picture below so you could see them really well. You want to put your glue or super sticky tape between the 2nd and 3rd score lines and ONLY at the top and bottom NOT in the middle cut area. If you used tape like I did, remove the red backing. Fold the notepad holder closed along the 3rd score line and adhere.

Now, you can either attach your notepad with super double stick tape or glue ~or~ you can do like I did and use another scrap left over from the 12x12 paper and make a loop or sleeve (I guess that's the right word for it) so you can slide your note pad in and out as needed. When the note pad is finished, you can put a new one in instead of glue a new one in or throw it away. I made mine 5 3/16" wide and and 1 1/2" tall. I put the tiniest bead of glue along the left and right edges and adhered it approximately an inch from the top. (see the "argyle" strip on the right side in the pic below).

To make sure there wouldn't be any problems with sliding the notepad in and out of the sleeve/loop I turned the notepad over and marked 1/4" in from the left and 1/4" in from the right at the bottom. Then with some scissors I trimmed diagonally from the mark to the top

Ta-da! Lots of space to slide the back piece of the notepad into position without ripping your notepad cover.

I added ribbon and some details to the front, put a pen in the loop and Voila! All done!

Another look at the cover...

Gimme a holler if you need any further explanation.

*** Update: I just made a 2nd notepad cover and realized that the pen loop was a little too small for the pen I decided to put in the loop so I've reconfigured the cover a bit. If you come up with the same problem and want the bigger loop just post a message requesting the updated file and I'll send it to you.
If you haven't seen them yet hop over to the Cricut message board where Debbie put some pictures of the two notebooks she made using this file. Click here. THANKS Debbie! They're great!!
Debbie created some more notepads. You can click here to see them. Thanks again Debbie!!!


  1. I love this... I wish I had a little bit of your creativity.... thank you for being so willing to share Jen....

  2. Hi Jen,

    I was hoping you could help me out, I was told you had a file of stick people that you may share....I am in need of 2 stick people really bad...

    Thanks so much in advance.

  3. I love making these little note covers and would love to have a cut file for it. As always, I am a big fan of your projects.


  4. My DILs will enjoy this one - one is a teacher and the other runs a daycare.
    Please send me your "updated" version of the file.
    And thanks for the tutorial, Jen.

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  5. You sure do excellent work. Wish i had 1/4 of your creativity. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Hi Jen!! Can you send me the updated file with the larger pen loop please? Can't wait to make this!

  7. Great job on the notebook covers. Will you send your file to trentfamily@gmail.com? Thanks!

  8. Hi Jen. I have made this notepad before with a template. It would be so much easier with the cut file you did an awesome job. Could I please have your cut file. Thanks

  9. I would love to have the "updated" cut file for this Jen! My plan is to make these for the "board" of a group of Girl Scouts that I advise. I will send you pics when finished!!

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!


    Cheri Pearce
    a/k/a CTheCricut (Cricut MB)

  10. I just discovered your blog. Love it! I'd love the file. Keep wowing us! Debra


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