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Monday, December 1, 2008

Tutorial: How to send a PM

Q: I don't know how to find you (or anyone) on the Cricut message board to send you a Private Message.

A: No problem. Here's how...

Go to http://www.cricut.com/.
Login. (If you haven't registered before you will need to do that before you can login. You will be able to look at the posts but you wont' be able to respond or post yourself.)

Click on Community

Click on Messageboard

From here, the fastest way to find the person you are looking for.... Click on Member List

Type the person's ID [mine is JenC.] into the Quick Find box and click on the Quick Find button

Find the person you are looking for on the list. Click on the speech bubble icon that says PM.
In my example there was only one ID that started with the letters "jenc." so only one showed up. If I had left the period (.) off the ID when I typed it into the quick find box there would have been 11 IDs that started with the letters "jenc" to choose from.

A message window will open where you can type your message. Click OK when you're ready to send it.

Hope this helps.


  1. I already know how to use this feature but I would like to tell you it is so awesome that you take the time to let everyone know how to do these things. You are a great help!

  2. I didn't know this and always went to the MB and found a comment made by you and PMed you that way. You can teach an old dog new tricks...LOL



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