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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tutorial: How to create watermark using Photoshop

Q: I really like your watermark. How did you create it?
A: I use Photoshop software to edit my pictures and to make my watermarks. I am not a digital goddess like my sis. She's a real wizard at this stuff. She has taught me a few tricks so I'm able to do a few things on my own now. Here is how I make my watermarks.... (I can already hear her sighs and see her rolling her eyes and shaking her head.) LOL

Start a new file
Create a black layer. We will be creating the watermark in white, you'll be able to see it better against black. Do not delete but turn off the background layer.

Select the Type tool and start typing what you want your watermark to say.

I added a few more details to complete the look.

Turn off the black layer.
Merge the visible layers. Make sure the black and background layers are still turned off.

Now you will have three layers: background, black and your layer with your watermark in white. Select the layer with your watermark on it. Double click on it.

Check the Drop Shadow box on the left side.
Adjust the darkness of your shadow by moving the arrow next to the opacity box.
Click OK.

Drag your black layer to the trash can. We don't need it any more.
You should have two layers left: watermark layer and background layer.

Save your file as a PSD or PDF. You want to maintain the two layers in the file.
By keeping the background layer on it's own layer it leaves the layer with your watermark on it clear so it doesn't cover your picture.

Voila! You're done! You will still want to adjust it for size depending on the size of pictures you will be applying it to. Since the majority of the pictures I apply my watermark to are around 200KB I have made my watermark about an 60 pixels tall and 115 pixels wide. Do what suits you best.
When ever you want to apply your watermark to a picture you will open the file, select the layer with the watermark on it, copy it, then open the picture you want to use it on and paste it on the picture. Move it to the area in the picture that is appealing to you.
Hope this helps!
Q: Linda asked, How do you add "the details" ???
A: I used free clipart for the Bee, drew the dotted line and used Word to capture the copyright logo. Colored everything white to match my "created by JenC."


  1. Very interesting. I learned something today. Thanks. Love your lessons.

  2. That's a great tutorial! I've done something similar but created mine as a brush so I can "stamp" it wherever I would like it. I can then change the color of it if I need to so it doesn't blend in too much or stand out too much against my picture.

  3. Very concise and easy to follow tutorial, Jen. Thanks for sharing.

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  4. Ok next question, how do you add the details that complete the look?

  5. Thank you for all of your lessons,
    I learn something new everyday!

  6. You are so talented! Is there anything you can't do??? Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Could I please get the cut file for the sewing machine file I saw someone post on cricut forum.

    thanks for all your wonderful files


  8. Jen,
    love your tutorial on watermarks. i wondered that also. - not that i will ever have one but now i can find out how. LOL

  9. Jen, you have such great ideas. Can't wait for your good news. Would you share your card holder and note pad cut pattern with me? Congratulations again on making the big news letter.
    If you have time I would also like the honeycomb cut.

  10. Thanks for the tutorial! I just created myself a watermark. :) Thanks soo much.


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