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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where ya been?

For those of you that have been wondering why I've been a bit absent lately.... I have in-laws coming and my craft room is also the guest room. As you can see... it's not quite ready for guests. ACK!! 

I had crafty stuff stacked and stuffed everywhere... so bad that I was crafting in the kitchen and then just dumping stuff in the craft room and closing the door. I really am a person that prides herself on being organized. This is such an embarrassment **hangs head in shame**

So...... I've been waiting for months but we finally did it. I went to Ikea and purchased this monolith of a cabinet! Eight feet tall, three feet wide, two feet deep. We had to put it together ourselves but we did it! Woohoo!! Now the fun begins. Time to decide where to put it all!

Oh my gosh! There really was a bed under all that stuff!!!

and here's the beginnings of what will soon be better organization and storage for me.
The table still needs a little work. ROFL! Did you notice the lamp shade falling off the little lamp? I saw it when I was uploading the picture to my blog. heheheh!
The cream box has all of my 2008 Christmas cards in it, the bag next to it has some returnables to Wally-world, and the bags next to those contain fabric for a baby blanket and some new jeans for my son. After I make the baby blanket the sewing machine will go back in the closet in it's little home.
Anyway, It's a start. Hubby says it's a semblence of order....Gee thanks hun. hehehe!
I'll be here and there until after they've gone (late next week) and then I'll be needing to be in full holiday mode! Can you believe Christmas is just 7 weeks away! AAAAACK!!! 
Alright kids... have a good one. Gotta go get some bins at the store to consolidate all those stickles and glue bottles and such.


  1. Just had to remind me how close Christmas is didn't you! I am taking down Halloween today to get started on Christmas


  2. Great job on the craft room. I know you will enjoy finding what you need when you need it. I am always re organizing my craft room. Trying to find what works for me...LOL


  3. WOW! What a transformation! Glad you could organize in time. I need some of your gumption! :)

  4. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for reminding me that Christmas is only 7 weeks away. You did a great job cleaning your area. I love your huge cabinet. My crafting area is my dining room. No one will eat until it's cleaned. LOL. So glad to hear and see what you,ve been up too. The holidays are always the busiest but some of the most memorable. Have a wonderful time with your in-laws.

    Linda C (Mama Chin)

  5. Nice job Jen! It always amazes me how quickly my scrap area gets cluttered when I'm creating!! I love when it's organized, but it only takes a few LO or cards to make it a disaster again!

  6. Good luck with the clean up Jen! I have 2 of those huge cabinets and still have stuff overflowing!!!! Have a good visit with your in laws!

  7. No way can't believe that Christmas is less than 2 months away. I need to get my rear in gear, I have alot of projects to make as gifts. And by the way thanks again for sending me the cut file of your milk carton and carrier.
    Susan Ditzler

  8. Love what you have done with your craft room. I don't get in my basement(craft space) much. I have things everywhere. I go to crops. That is the only time I can create.I just need to take time off from work. You have given me the motivation to get organized this weekend. Thanks Jen. Thank you also for sending me those cut files:-)My next crop is next weekend. Hopefully, I can start my Christmas projects.

    Tina S

  9. Hi Jen,
    Good work on the scrap/guest room. When you are finished could you come help me. lol! No kidding you have given me some motivation. Missed you, I check here often.

    Kathy -Garfieldsmom

  10. Geez,Jen, now I don't feel so guilty about how my spare bed looks ;0)

    Hope you and your family enjoy the in-laws' visit.

    (psst, try to keep that room neat, will ya!)

    PJ (Jessie Adams)

  11. Mine is so bad that you can't close the door or walk more than 2 feet into the room. I have to say though it does double as a toy storage room.

  12. WOW Jen! What alot of organizing you did! I'm so *jealous*!!!

    I can't believe you fit everything into that closet! Good for you. How do you craft with so little stuff! ;-)


  13. I was wondering where you were! Have you seen the paper mug for "snowman soup" on stampingvideos.com? I was hoping you would tackle it, but now I see you were occupied!!!! :o)

  14. JEN-
    I am SO PROUD of you! Your room looks AWESOME!!!

    Been missing your blog!
    Take care!
    Jenny Janus

  15. Jen I love what you did with the room!

  16. I bought all the cubes from Michael's and now I wish I had gone to Ikea!! I started to do that but decided against it (rather DH did. lol) but we both regret now that we did not. Enjoy yours!

  17. You did a great job on the "clean up" LOL!! It sorta resembles our guestroom at the moment... We have guests coming over for Thanksgiving and my sister will be staying a few days. Luckily I can usually hide most of it in the closet, and it's a good thing when she comes she doesn't hang up a lot of things or there wouldn't be room - for her clothes that is.... LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  18. Wow Jenn, you did a great job with the clean up - I love the cupboard - what was it called at Ikea - I think I need a couple of those.

  19. Good job on the sewing machine.


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