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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tutorial: Replying to PMs

This tutorial comes about because I receive so many emails and messages every day. Occasionally when some users on the message board reply to a private message (PM) that I send them there is no way to know what they're talking about. Let me give you an example...
1st message: Subject: File Request
Hi Jen, I'd love to have the "X" file. Please send it to me.

My reply: Subject: Re: File Request

[quote] Hi Jen, I'd love to have the "X" file. Please send it to me.[quote]

Sure, I'd be happy to send it to you but did you want it in George format or Plantin?

Reply to my reply: Subject: Re: re: File Request


Do you see why I might be be confused? It's not like this is the only PM communique I've had in one day and in some cases the reply comes days later. My poor memory. I feel so bad. I pretty much have to reply back to the requester and ask, "What file did you want???"

So, it is with the desire to help us both out (Sender and Recipient) that I give a little tutorial to show that it is possible to include the previous message in your PM when you are responding via the message system on the cricut message board.

So... you want to reply to a message that you received on the PM system at Cricut.com AND you want to include the sender's message in your reply.

underneath the message there are a handful of buttons. Click on Reply

A new message window will open up on your screen. Above the message window area you will see some formatting tools and above those some additional buttons. There is a blue arrow that curves up and points to the left.

Close up of the button.... this is the Quote Original button. When you click on this button, your sender's message will appear in the message window

This is what the sender's message will look like:

You will want to make sure that you start your message after the last html code which closes the quote. It looks like this : [/quote]

you can start your message any where after the closed quote.

When the recipient receives their message it will appear like this:

I hope this helps make the PM system on the message board a little more user friendly for those that use it.


  1. I thank you...and I didn't even dl any. I just thought they looked cool and you do superb work!!!!


  2. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all the work that you do! You come up with some many designs that I couldn't even imagine. I am sad to see that more people weren't showing you the appreciation that you deserve but please do know that you are AMAZING! I'm glad you are still offering your work via email, like I said I love your creations! Thank you for all that you do!

  3. thanks Jen... I'm going to have to try it that way ... I do a copy paste then highlight my words then hit the button next to where you said.

  4. Thanks Jen for taking the time to share all of your knowledge with us! I do appreciate it!

  5. I so appreciate your willingness to help others and share your files. I just like looking at your work. I think all of it is great. Thank you for your tutorial on leaving a message on your blog. I'm one of those blog challenged people. Again I appreciate you. Thanks

  6. Aha! Thanks so much...I learn something new everyday! :) In fact, I just sent you a reply via the cricut message board thanking you for the hanging monkey file...BEFORE reading this post...oops!

  7. as sson as I read the other tutorial about commenting using my name I will be leaving another message. But for now Jen, thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to the cricut mb.


  8. Jen - thanks so much for the information. I never realized that was there and probably wouldn't have even know WHAT it was for so wouldn't have used it. Would be nice if there was an explanation somewhere on the board that explained all of this stuff.... but guess it's like DS - no instructions you, or someone else, has to figure it out and let others know.

    Guess you're "a teacher of all trades".... LOL


    linda 4_2, CMB

  9. Jen - thank you for the info - I always wondered how they put the original message in a reply.


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