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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tutorial: How to put Boot together

I've been promising this for days. Sorry for the delay. Amazing how crazy things can get when you take a day or two off, huh?

OK.... Here it finally is. For those of you that have questions on how to put the boot together. It's similar to the witch's shoe but there is the additional upright piece.

Begin by pre-folding all of the score lines.

Start at the toe of the shoe. Fold the tabs in to create the toe box...

.... then fold the two angular pieces in overlapping them over the toe box to hold it in place. Adhere the top layer to the bottom to create the toe of the boot.

Separate the sides of the shoe and pull the sole of the boot up

Bring the sides of the boot together.

Overlap the two end pieces and adhere to create the back of the heel.

Then overlap and adhere the two pieces under the sole of the shoe for the underside of the heel.
Now you can push the sole of the boot into place inside the shoe.

The upright piece is pretty self explanatory I think. Pre-fold then adhere along the seam. The seam actually goes near the front instead of in the back.

Tuck the top of the boot inside the shoe and Voila! You're done!

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  1. Love seeing how this boot comes together. Hope I get to make one soon.


  2. JenC,
    love this and all your other creations
    If you could send me the cut file I would love it
    my e-mail is trainerwife@aol.com
    I sent comments on a few other today as well and forgot to put my e-mail if I could those as well it would be great

  3. could I please have a copy of this file, My hubby just loves boots and that would be so cool to give him his favorite candys in that for Fathers day


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