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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tutorial: How to post a comment

I guess I should NEVER assume that people know how to do something. Here are he steps to posting a comment on a blog. Every blog is set up differently but the basic steps are all the same.

Ever blog is a bit different (color, layout, etc) but the link to leave a comment is almost always at the END of the post. On my blog this is how the link looks. The words PEOPLE CARED TO COMMENT is the link. Just roll your cursor over the words and click using your left mouse button.

Depending on how the blog is set up you will either see the whole screen change or a small comment window will pop up. If you see comments in the window you will need to scroll down to the bottom to find the open window to type your comment in.

You may see this "security" window pop-up. Basically, it just wants to know if you want all of the information to show up on your screen or not. If you say NO the screen will not look like the pictures below. I recommend clicking on Yes.

Type your comment in the window and then scroll down again. You'll be asked to enter an Anti-Spam verification code. Type it into the box underneath the string of 6-8 letters and numbers.

Continue to scroll down. If you are logged in to Blogger or Google you can use that ID as your identity. You can choose any of the four different ID types as your ID. If you aren't logged in to Google or you don't have a Google ID, on my blog you can select Anonymous as your identity. This option is not always available on all blogs.

Once you're done selecting your ID then you click Publish Your Comment and you're done.
You'll be given an opportunity to view your comment but essentially you're finished. You can go back to the blog and continue browsing.

Hope this helps.


  1. Jen this is a test
    Susan W.

  2. Hey Jen... hehe I promise not to be such a stealthy looker ... it's such a bad habit. I love to look and see what you're up to. You always inspire me to get that design studio goin..hehe even if it's pushin' midnight and I know I have to be up in 5 short hours...I know I know baad but someone has to be..Keep up the great work!!! :D

  3. ROFL Susan... your test worked perfectly ;o)

  4. Jen,
    Thanks for posting this "How to Leave a Comment." Now I can thank you for all your brainy things which my brain cannot come up with. Especially I want to thank you for posting the tut on how to make a word book.
    Happy creating and scrapping to you,

  5. Jen, I love your blog and I'm sorry you had to change things to make it harder to share. People should just thank you and leave comments, it only takes a minute!

  6. Thanks for the lesson and all you do. It would be such a shame to lose you talent.

  7. I had to learn this the hard way and you just made it easy for people not in the know.
    (Even tho it WAS at the top of your blog - people didn't read).

    Jen has worked hard and so generous of her work for all of us, so please take a moment and
    "Thank You."

    I appreciate everything you do for us because I am non talented creative person. I need to come spend some time with you and learn from the greatest cricut designer.


  8. Thanks Jen,

    I am new to the MB and to this file sharing thing. I love all your work and appreciate your willingness to share.


  9. Yes...all a person needs is a little recognition..and a BIG THANK YOU!!

    Love you JEN (like I said, my husband loves you more)


  10. I have to say, I LOVE YOUR WORK. I have tried to post comments when I have downloaded, but I can't say for sure that I have done it EVERYTIME. You are extremely TALENTED and seem to always be up for a design challenge.
    Thanks for all of your HARD TIME CONSUMING WORK!

  11. Jen,
    I thank you, for all your wonderful creative hard work, and most of all for your willingness to share. It's too bad it has come to this, but that's ok...I think it may be better this way. Now you'll know that your files are being used by those of us who really appreicate your awesome work and are really making use of your incredible cut files. I thank you again, with all my heart.

  12. I hope this isn't a double post but...

    I hang my head in shame. I have downloaded from you blog and not left comments because it seems I have to cram so much into my computer time. However, lack of time does not excuse lack of manners.

    You are very talented and generous to share your talent with those of us who can only admire what you do.

    I am sorry to be a part of the problem. I will now try to be part of the solution.

    Again, Jen...thanks for sharing

  13. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for showing how and where to leave a comment ( I'm not that computer savey) I enjoy all you share here and one the cricut MB.
    You are very talented!!
    Rose, CA

  14. People really do suck! How hard is it to just say Thanks! They can't be bothered to design their own things so they take yours and don't Thank You!
    What losers.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. You do truly impressive work and I appreciate everything. I am a confessed scraplifter and I need people like you in my life.

  16. Just droping by to say Hello!

  17. Jen, I have just found you blog and I am so impressed with your work! I completly understand your frustration with people not commenting, I have tried to make files using DS and it takes a lot of time!
    If it isn't to inappropreate, I would like to request a few of your files: specifically the doily cut and the 4x4 big not cut ( I have tried to make this to no avail!!!)
    My email is katherine_booth@hotmail.com
    Thank you in advance!

  18. JenC you ROCK. Thank you so very much for all of your knowledge. I have learned so much from your blog. Thank you for the tutorials, especially this one. I am a hugh JenC fan, again Thanks.

  19. I just purchased my cricut last week and my neighbor told me about your site. You are amazing and so inspiring. I am so sorry people have taken advantage of your generosity. And I thank you so much for sharing your talent with us all.

  20. Jenn,
    you do such great work. I am just a lurker who doesn't even have DS because i own a MAC but i like to see what is out there. Man, you make we want to go out and buy a pc so that i can cut some of your work.. it is awsome!!!

  21. Jen,
    I just wanted to say "Thank You" for all your hard working and your willingness to share all of your wonderful creations.


  22. Thanks for posting this. I have my own blog and didn't even know how to leave a comment! (And honestly, I don't know how to retrieve the comments, either!) So thanks from those of us that are mildly disfunctional! Rita

  23. Hi Jen,
    Looking for the wine bottle file when you get a moment. Thank you so much!

  24. I would love the birdhouse .cut file please. What a wonderful offering - thank you!!

  25. Great blog. Love all the tips and your willingness to share your cut files. I've created a blog but need to get it going sooner than later.


  26. I understand that I can somehow get a copy of your awesome Girl Scout stuff as long as I do not sell it? I am a GS leader and love what I saw on your page. I am new to this file stuff. How can I get these? Do I have to have design studio? I have the Cricut Expression but not design studio.


  27. I love your blog and your work. I dont mine leaving and comment for a person who take up time doing a wonderful job and love to share there idea, this is not an easy job so I will love to send my comments to a person who cares about her work.
    Thank you

  28. Hello
    I love your work and its worth sending and comment to you if you can take the time to use your site you can take the time to send a comment about your wonderful work I love all of your work and love to have the patterns to them , I know its not an easy job. But it makes me happy to see your wonderful work. Thank you so much.

  29. Would love to have the file for this box. Thank you so much for sharing all your files.


  30. Jen would love your witch on a broom and wine bottle cut files, you are so talented.
    thank you


  31. Visited your blog to ask for cut files for the Witch's Shoes both plain and scalloped. Want to use as favors for a ladies luncheon. Saw the cupcake receipe. Sounds yummy! Always wanted to know how to make the filling. Your work is terrific. Thanks for making available all those files for people who can't do it. Carol e-mail scrapperch@yahoo.com

  32. Hey Jen

    Can you please send me your onsie cut file pretty please :)

    Thanks so much :)



  33. WOW...I love your ideas...your blog....and your creative inspiration! Thank You for sharing.

  34. You blog is awesome and so are ALL your designs...

    I would love your bikini cutfile....



  35. Love your blog & your designs are so neat.
    I would love to have your bikini cut file.



  36. I love looking at your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration. I'm not very computer savy, so the explanations go a long way. Thanks again. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to be an inspiration to someone else.

  37. As always you work is so awesome!!! Again I appriecate you sharing you cut files with everyone. I would love the have the cut file on the binkin cut file and the chicknbox. My grandbabys will love the chicknbox. I want the binkin cut file to make a card for a few friends who had breast cancer along with myself as a breast cancer survior.


  38. Hi

    I was wondering if I could please have the cut file for the bikini card. Your work is beautiful and I enjoy looking at everything and wish I had the talent. Thanks again.

  39. This may be a repeat but just in case, I hear great things about you on the Cricut MB! Your work is great! Could I have the cut file for the jukebox please! jdvintagerepro@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much!

  40. Love your work
    I would like to receive the oragizational box for A2 cards
    can you send the cut.file
    Thanks so much

  41. oops forgot the email

  42. Jen I would love to know if I could get your SCAL SVG for the big Dumbo? I love that and think that you have done a wonderful job!!! Thank you for sharing that is very kind of you.


  43. Jen, could I also please have your french horn cut file! That would be perfect from my Philharmagic LO I'm working on!

    So that makes 4 files I would like to have: WallE, Eve, rocket and french horn! Your work is amazing!

    Thanks again!


  44. I would love a copy of this file please


  45. Jen
    Hoping you will share the tools and box with me. Needing them for a wonderful fathers day card. You were recommended from the cricut mb
    great work--- keep it up

  46. Hi Jen

    If you could send me the bikini cut file I would really appreciate it. I love all of your work. You are an inspiration to us all!!


    Thank you

  47. Jen, you do such great work, I would like the cut file for the box.

    Thank you.

  48. Hello Jen,

    My name is Heidi, I am new to your site and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! You are such a creative inspiration. I am new to the Cricut world and I am learning that it is just fabulous! I am amazed at how many people enjoy the same hobby that I do. WOW! I was wondering of you would be willing to send me the bikini cut file. My honey is a boob man and I would LOVE to make him this card. He would get a huge kick out of it. Thanks soo much!! My email is wovenwire@yahoo.com Heidi :)

  49. Hi Jen
    Your site is just brilliant! I have just bought my Cricut Expression and I am so inspired by your designs. I would be so grateful if you would send me your bikini cut file.

    Sonia from Australia

  50. Dear ms.Jen i was wondering if you could give me the 4-H cut file so we could use them for our 4-h please Email me at ntpierpont@aol.com thanks


  51. love your creations if i was so talent thank you for sharing your talent with us i would like to have your bikini cut that is such a hoot!!! again thank you my email is jacthom@verizon.net

  52. Hi Jen, I would love your cut file for the christmas design joy,hope,peace,believe.I looking foward to hanging in my home for the holidays. Thank you for sharing all of your awesome work. my e-mail is lexusbrat@cox.net
    Thank you again

  53. Hi Jen first let me say your work is awesome - I would like to get the cut file of your hot air ballon - A friend of mine just got married in one and would be perfect for a layout page for her - thanks in advance mymilo@msn.com

  54. opps my email is mymilov@msn.com for the hot air ballon - thanks

  55. Hello Jen,

    Can you please send me the your cut filefor the Coach style satchel.

    Thank you,

  56. Am new to this blogspot stuff, but I wanted to let you know I found you today and appreciate all the hard work you talented people share with us!! Lana

  57. Jen - can you send me the 4-h clover file! Thanks Dawn

  58. I loved the dress box. Nice job. I would love to have the cut file of this and any other similar box. They are my favorite.

    Thank you

  59. I was just wondering if I could get the cricut bug file. Thank you so much for what you do here . You are great!


  60. I would like to have the file for the birdhouse and the cricut bug if you are still sharing. you can email it to paulshan1966@yahoo.com

    thank you for sharing your files, they are great!

  61. would love to have the cut file of the christmas tree, please email to:
    thanks so much! I love it!

  62. I am fascinated with the Beautiful Vinyl Christmas Tree and would love to have the cut file.It is a design that I would put in my home with such joy. Please mail to:

  63. I would love to have your darling cut file for the onesie with the George cartridge.

    thanks so much for sharing.

    email - donrmarlene@yahoo.com

  64. I was wondering if you would mind sharing your cut file for your christmal vinyl. It is Amazing . they said you did it from a wall hanging you seen @ peir one imports. Here is my e-mail cabeynon@gmail.com

    Thanks for your Time and your Awsome talent

  65. Dear Jen,
    My name is Debbie and I was organizing my files and was wondering if I could have your cut file for the Card Folder for 5x5 cards. Capadia Designs did same box but cut it by hand. My email is irie446@yahoo.com. Have a wonderful Sunday. Your blog is awesome and do appreciate your creative mind...Thanks Again. Deb

  66. I would like to request the Large and Small fry box. I think they are the cutest boxes ever.
    I tried to down load the files and it said unavailable. Is there another way ro get these files?
    I have not gone through all of the files you have posted, but the ones I have checked are awesome
    Thank you

  67. Thank you. I would love to have some of your files.
    Contact me at kmason02@ameritech.net
    Here is my blog
    Thank you.

  68. Jen, I love your bikini cut card and the suggestions on the cricut forum for messages on the card. Could you please send me the cut file. My email address is susan_a@bellsouth.net.
    Thank you!

    Susan Ackerman
    Snellville GA

  69. On September 15 I requested the Christmas Vinyl Project file. You kindly sent me the file. I lost the file. It is the tree with the words Joy, Hope, Peace and Believe. Please share again. I will be more careful this time. Your work is so outstanding. I am awed. Thank you.


  70. Hi Jen
    I was wondering if you have a yankee cut file?
    My email is lizmelendez24@aol.com and blog
    Thank you for your help!!!!!!

  71. Hi Jen
    Love all your work. Would it be possible to get the .cut files for the fashionistas?
    Thanks so much!

  72. Thank you Jen for the WordArt instructions to create text around a circle. But... is there a way to get the font around the lower hemisphere to be 'the right way up'?
    Give me the solution and I promise to 'donate' :-)

    Thanks for sharing.


  73. Jen,
    I LOVED your bikini card that Jade made and would really appreciate the cut file along with the name(s) of the Cricut cartridges that are used. It would make my gal pals smile!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with others. You are gifted!
    Bonita Cales

  74. Hi Jen,

    I have just found your blog and love it. I would be very interested in the cut file for the tea light box if it is available. Thank you so much for considering my request.
    Joey Gilmore

  75. Hi jen
    i left a donation for the 3d flower
    send it to my email

  76. Thank You for taking time and creating these files.
    Cant wait to receive mine :D


  77. Hi, thanks for this very informative article. I like it. =)
    Cheers from t shirt printing company.

  78. Hello! I just did a pp donation and would like the Picnic Basket file please. Karynballard@att.net

    I have a birthday party to go to today and wanted to use it. I didn't realize your comments said 72 hours - thanks!

  79. Hi I would appreciate your angry birds cut files my son wants and angry bird for his bday and these would be great. thanks for sharing

  80. This is generally a wonderful website i should say,I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and really amazing and impressive website design.

  81. I was looking for the bikini file. Is it a file I can use on my cricut if I have SCAL2? If so, if you can e-mail me a paypal invoice I will donate, just not sure if the file is compatible with my software.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it!!