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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tutorial: How to make a screenshot in DS

First, with DS open you will want to create a new, blank tab/page. This is an empty tab/page in you DS file that when the preview button is clicked will show the cut lines of your creation.

As long as all of your tabs have their "Include in preview" checked (Right click anywhere on the virtual mat to bring up this menu) ....

...you can go to the blank tab, click Preview and this will give you a clean image of what your file contains. Black outlines for welded shapes, colored shapes for unwelded shapes.

Now, take a picture of what's on your screen. To do this simply push the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

Now, open your photo editing software. Most pcs have the Paint program on them. It is found in the Accessory file:

When you open Paint it will look like this: {without my logo in the middle of the screen of course ;o) }

PASTE your ScreenShot. (push the Ctrl key and the V key)

In the upper right corner are some tools. Click on the Dotted Rectangle "Select" button so that it is highlighted.

Move your mouse to the picture of your screenshot. Hold the LEFT mouse button down, pull your mouse diagonally across your picture and draw a rectangle around what you want to include in your screenshot. Let go of your mouse button. You will have a dotted line around the specific area of your screenshot that you want in your picture.
Copy this (Ctrl and C)
Go to the top of the screen, select File and New. Say NO when it asks if you want to save the current file
Then Paste (Ctrl and V) You should now have the smaller more concise picture of your screenshot .

Now we need to get rid of the extra white space around the picture.
Go to the bottom right corner of the white space. Click in the white space. You will see a small handle appear in the bottom right corner of the white space.

Move your cursor over the little handle and your cursor will turn into black double ended arrows. Hold down the LEFT mouse button and drag this handle up diagonally so that it gets rid of the white space, stopping at the edge of your screen shot.

Did you cut off part of your screenshot? Undo your screen cropping by holding down the Ctrl button with the Z.

If you're happy with your screen crop, then you're ready to save your file. Cricut will not accept .bmp file types. So when you save your file you need to make sure you change the file to .jpg (or .gif ). Click on the drop down box next to Save as type. Select jpeg.

Your picture is now ready to post on the message board or your blog.
Hope this helps.


  1. Jen

    Thank you so much, It helped out alot, was able to post one for the placemat swap.


  2. Thank you for showing everyone how to do this. I was wondering how I was going to do it when/if I thought I got good enough to share cut files.

  3. Love your tutorials!! They have been most helpful. I read your update...so sorry this has happened to you. Thanks again for all you do!!!

  4. Jen....I can not tell you enough how talented you are. As Regan said above, I was able to use your directions tp post on the placemat swap. Are you going to join the swap?

  5. Thank you so much my friend,, I am going to go see if it worked.


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