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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tutorial: Adding links

I've been asked this questions multiple times. It's not exactly Cricut related but I did say I'd answer any questions asked of me to the best of my ability. So here goes....

When you create or edit a post you will have a window similar to the one pictured below.

At the top of the window are several tools for formatting your post including one called a "Link" tool. It looks like a chain link and a globe.

First you need to get the web address that you want to be linked to. Then, highlight the words or picture that you want to be the item you click on to be taken to the other web address. Click on the Link tool. A small box will open up:

Type or paste the web address of the site that you want to connect to and click OK.

Ta-da! you have created a link. You can use it to link to other websites or to the host site to download your .cut files.

Regarding .cut files.... Blogs won't let you upload a .cut file into a post to share with others because they do not support the file type. You will need to use a 3rd party hosting site. (i.e.: Mediafire, Driveway, Sendspace....) If anyone can recommend a good file hosting site that lets you host .cut files without being forced to deal with obnoxious advertising or popups I'd REALLY love to know about it. Sendspace doesn't have the popups that Mediafire has but if you don't pay for their Max service your files are automatically deleted from your list after 14 days from the last download.

Hope that answers your questions about linking in your blog posts. :o)

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Q: I have a question. Some times people say click here and if you click it goes to the link, like a blog or a website how do you do that.
A: Apparently I wasn't clear. Let me try again.
Let's say I want you to click HERE to go to the Cricut message board.
  • Step one: Get the web address for the Cricut message board. Copy it.
  • Step two: type out the word(s) that you want to have be the link (what you want people to click on to go to the site)
  • Step three: highlight the word that you want to be the link. (At the beginning of the word hold down your left mouse button and drag it to the end of the word.)
  • Step four: click on the hyperlink button (described and pictured above)
  • Step five: put the web address for the cricut message board in the box of the small window that pops up on screen. Click OK
Voila! you've turned the word into a link.


  1. Thank you for posting that, However I have a question. Some times people say click here and if you click it goes to the link, like a blog or a website how do you do that.

  2. I just discovered your blog & want to say you have put together a lovely web page! Thanks for the instructions, ideas, etc., etc!

    Gracie at EverythingCricut.blogspot.com

  3. OMG You rock!! YOu are great thank you so much!!

  4. I briefly looked through your tutorial and will earmark to come back to it. I think I've fought my way through some of these points already. LOL What I would really like to know is how to follow the blogs; i.e., yours; for when new input is listed. Some blogs put an email in my inbox. Others go into limbo (cause I don't know what I'm doing). I put my name down to follow yours but I'm pretty sure this is one of the Blog types that go into limbo. Can you give me some help/advice? ksdick@bigpond.net.au


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