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Monday, October 13, 2008

Titles Titles Titles

My friend Bobbi (Aloha!) asked for some help creating a few titles for some layouts for her grandson.

She gave me the wording and said, no rules. Hehehe! OK!
She has loads of carts so I was barely limited in that way (love it!)

HERE is the layout she made with this title. She didn't use the pick axe, but she did use my hammer :o)

HERE is her layout using this title along with my hammer and pick axe.
HERE is another super cute layout by Bobbi. She used the title and the Digger... Great combination!!
Hope these titles will come in handy for someone else also.


    1. Hi Jen, I love the Big Job and Dirt titles! They would be so perfect for my grandson. I couldn't find a way to download the files. Can you give me a hint? LOL. Thank you so much for always being willing to help out anyone and everyone that asks. You are a wonderful person and an asset to the MB. Thanks again, Gail

    2. Jen

      I love these titles - but I could not find a link to download them


    3. Love these, I will totally be downloading these, they are great. Thank you!

    4. Thanks Jen, it worked! Gail

    5. You outdid yourself, as usual.

      However, I cannot find the link to download them. Is there something I am missing?

      Thanks for sharing.
      Linda Martin


    6. jen just adorable titles, again thing outside of the box!!! love the little man--it is my favorite

    7. Cameron and Raegan's NanaDecember 4, 2008 at 8:48 PM

      Hi Jen,

      Please email me these title cut files.




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