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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Titles Swap

Joann hosted a DS Titles Swap. She had hoped to get maybe 50 titles. She ended up with 179!!! HOLY SMOKES! I mean, the thread literally took on a life of it's own. Some of the cutest titles I've ever seen. I created a couple for the swap. The SWAP thread shows pictures of the titles. The files were posted on a blog that Tammy created to help Joann get them all posted. She has a slide show that also shows the titles if you want to go to her blog and watch the slide show.

Below are the titles I created for the swap. Several people had asked me to email them the files and I promised that (in fairness to those that hosted and participated in the swap) that I would wait and not post them until after the swap was closed. I appreciate your patience.

Um... ok. I went searching for the titles and didn't remember doing SIX! LOL I guess I kind of helped feed the frenzy. hehehe! Thanks Joann for hosting a fab swap!!


    1. Thanks for sharing your titles files. Loved the Trick or Treat!!!

    2. Such talent! These are terrific titles, Jen. I especially like the "ewe are loved" one - so sweet.

      I love looking at your blog every day :0)

      PJ (Jessie Adams)

    3. Love them all! I am going to use the graduation for when my daughter graduates college next year. TIA for the cut...


    4. I love the "went to the hospital as Mr & Mrs and came home a family" what a great title.

    5. Jen, you did some adorable work on your titles! I want to be like you!! I can't wait to start reading your tutorials so I can learn. TFS all your awesome work! TammyKlein

    6. Loved all the titles! I would love the cutfile for the congrats grad.......making an album for myself....finally finished my doctorate degree!!!! Woo-hoo!! TFS!!



    7. Great Titles! May please have the halloween one? Thanks..


    8. I have my first grandchild that I'm scrapping a book for. These title would be perfect. Thanks for thinking of them and the great work. delipa@hotmail.com

    9. oh Jen could I please have a copy of all the titles you have here...I have a something to do with all of them...


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