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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paper Dolls

Cub Scout

Military style

and in case you missed it previously, a Girl Scout doll

**You may need to move the girl's hair and the military man's helmet down on the cutting mat so that it doesn't cross the no cut line.**

    Jaime cut out the military doll and posted a picture of it on her blog. You can see it here. Thanks for sharing Jaime!!


    1. Ok, My grandson will be in cub scouts next year so I thought I had better grab this one. Amazing as usual. Thanks so much for making these awesome designs. You are the best!!!!!!!!


    2. Jen, Thank you for sharing you dolls.

    3. Love the dolls! Thank you as always


    4. Jen,
      I daughter was a girl scout and I was just going through all her pictures of that time in our lives and when I ran across your gs doll I just loved it and can imagine it on a scrapbook page.
      Thanks again
      Angie Person

    5. My son is a cub scout, so I had to download it. I'll let you know what I do with it.
      Thanks, Lora

    6. I would love to ad these paper dolls to my collection..please e-mail me the file. Thanks, Sara

    7. thanks for sharing these, may i please get the military cut file :)
      thank you



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