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Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Name books

My other name book post got too big so I need to start another. Again, the best way to find the book you're looking for: Scroll down to the Labels area and click on the name. That will take you to the post that has that specific name book listed in it.

  • Cartridges vary. Please be specific when requesting.
  • .cut or gypsy files availableClick HERE for more information.  ( Please specify which file/format you want when you donate.  Thank you.)


    1. Thanks again! Courtney

    2. Jen, You are so very talented....your creations are awesome.
      I am interested in the Patricia word book but couldn't figure out how to download it....having a blonde moment.
      I am excited to see your work and am a new member on the Cricut board.

      Thanks again (email: suzy@gomega.org)

      Suzy Q

    3. Jen, I would love to have the Shelby cut file (grand daughters name) but when I have downloaded the file it is Patricia. I have tried several time thinking that I maybe clicked on wrong name. I also think that the Patricia file is really Kailey. I will check back later to see if you get them corrected. Your Blog is my favorite! Thanks for all that you share with us.

    4. dear Jen,
      thank you so much for the "chauncey" book. My daughter will love it. Thanks,too, for being so willing to teach, share, and create for us. susan

    5. Your name books are just great. Any chance of getting the names: Matthew, Della, Heather and William made into name booklets?


    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it!!