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Monday, October 6, 2008

Jack-o-lantern revisited

SO EXCITED!! ***Big Smiles!***Remember the Jack-o-lantern I made last week? I finally got to the store and picked up one of those battery operated tea lights to stick inside. Fits perfectly!! Just remember not to glue the last tab when gluing the pumpkin together. Tuck it inside. Only you will know it's not glued.

Here you can see the tea light sitting in the bottom of the pumpkin

And here he is with the lights off showing off his eery glow! Cooooool!

See, I left one tab open and in the pictures above I'll bet you couldn't tell it was just off center of front. ;0)

Check out how Cathy used this pattern. She turned them into candy boxes for her grandkids!! Love the glittery mouth and eyes! Great job Cathy!!


  1. Thats so funny Jen, My husband suggested I do that when I made one yesterday. I had a few here at the house, they look fabulous. Thanks so much for your wonderful creations! Regan

  2. I can't wait to try this! Looks so good with the tealight!

  3. Love how it looks with the tealight!


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