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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Answering questions: Tutorials

Several people have asked me for tutorials. Happy to do them but I need you to tell me WHAT the tutorial is about.
List your tutorial ideas here. One by one, I will try to create one for you. :o)


  1. Jen,
    I would like to see a basic tutorial about how you turn a shape into a .cut file. I'm basically clueless about how to start. Thanks for your sharing your talent!

  2. I would say just a cut file would be just that, but if it is a put it together cut file a tutorial is nice. I love the tutorials you did on the purses and boxes. It gives a visual of how to put the object together. I think if you did just a cut file maybe a picture of how you used that file would be awesome. (example the sizzix buckles and slides)

    I love your work.


  3. I would like to know how everyone is making the shapes resizable when multiple shapes are put together. I know you have to put them in one box, but how do you place and resize the shapes individually if they are in the same box.

    Thanks for your time,

  4. I would love to know how you go about doing what looks to be some of the more complicated pieces. Like if I were to try and create a faerie or like the French horn or the Broncos logo that you did. I can't even begin to figure that type of thing out and would love to understand it.

    Thank you.


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