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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another purse

Nicole encouraged me to create another purse. This one was inspired by the cute Sara Surface Mini Purse.

  • All Plantin Schoolbook. Sorry, not baby bug compatible. 
  • .cut or gypsy files availableClick HERE for more information.  ( Please specify which file/format you want when you donate.  Thank you.)
  • Finished size is 3" tall (not including handle), 3" wide, 2 1/4" deep

Here's how the purse comes together:
Cut out the design and score all the folds.
Optional: Punch a hole on the flap using 1/8" hole punch. Be sure that you don't put the decorations too low on the flap. The tiny end tab will slide into a slit to keep the bag closed when it is complete.

Fold up the the box and adhere

I attached the flowers on the tab with mini brad

Close the bottom of the box: Fold bottom side panels in followed by the front and back panels and adhere.
Push the sides of the bag in along the vertical score lines

Locate the slit in the flap. I inked it on my bag so you could more easily see it.

Push the handle of the bag through the slit in the flap.

When the handle is completely pulled through the slit it will stand up and the flap will lay flat along the front on the purse.

Locate the tiny slit in the front of the purse. Again, I added a little ink on my example to help show it easier. I happened to fall right along the dotted line on the decorative paper.

Slip the rounded tab on the flap into the front slit. Now your purse will stay closed.

Paper: DCWV glitter stack
Brad: Target $1 bin, fall 2007
Flowers: Prima
Ink: Palette, Berry Sorbet from PaperTreyInk

I hope you all enjoy making this cute purse! It's super easy and has SO many possiblities!!


  1. Jen, this is perfect. The purse is absolutely cute! This would be great for gift giving, just tuck a little money in it. (Go Shopping Money) Thank you as always.

    Linda C

  2. Oh my gosh Jen how cute!


  3. Jen

    This is just so darling!

    Thank you for sharing it


  4. O My goodness!! it is fantastic!!

  5. Too cute and would be perfect for a small gift. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jen,

    I cannot wait to cut this cute little purse. Your talent is amazing and appreciated. Thank you for all you do.

  7. Wow Jen. This is such a great file! Now, we have to find someone who can design a Coach or LV motif that we could print onto cardstock and we'd have our own little designer bags! Thanks so much for sharing, Gail

  8. Great design, Jen! Thanks for sharing all of your designs.

  9. Jen, thanks for the .cut file and also thanks for sending me the blog address!

  10. So cute! Love it. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing with all of us!! Tanya

  11. Ooh, another cute purse!! Thanks again Jen!!

  12. Cute purse box, thanks Jen!!

  13. this purse is ingenious!!! very practical. thank you for creating this. if you can, please send me a copy of the cut file at carol_cabezas@msn.com.

  14. I love this purse, can I get the cut file please?

  15. This is adorable, Can I please get the cut file?


  16. Love the little purse Jen - I can see making that for small gifts at Christmas.

  17. Love this super cute purse card! Thank you for sharing! mahoneysv@yahoo.com


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