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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vroooom! vrooom!!

AmyH requested a corvette.
  • All George

    Check out Amy's glass block piggy bank she created using the corvette cut file. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your creation!

    Jessie Adams used the large version of the corvette on a card for her brother. It cut out beautifully too! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Christina used the larger corvette shape and created a cookie cutter/chocolate mold. How cool is this??!!! Excellent job! Thanks so much for sharing your creation Christina!

    Mmmm... yum!

    Received a request for a chocolate dipped strawberry. Yum! The strawberry and chocolate layers are separate so that you can have just strawberries or dipped berries.

    • All George

      Coffin box.... Treats for the inside

      Remember my coffin box?

      I finally got around to making some treats to put inside my coffin boxes: Skull shaped marshmallows! Hehehe! I think they turned out super cute! I tried ghosts and bones. They were OK, but the skulls were the winners! I mean, think about it. I hand you a cut gift box shaped like a coffin. You open it and you see these guys smiling back at you. LOL
      I put the chocolate facial features on the marshmallows before they cooled so that it would stck. Then I put the marshmallows in powdered sugar to make sure they wouldn't stick to each other.... all in all I think they turned out great! And will look awesome floating in a big mug of hot chocolate or just eating them alone. Have you ever had a fresh marshmallow? Even people who tell me they don't like marshmallows like my fresh marshmallows!
      I need to shop around for a better recipe. I've made marshmallows before but not with this recipe. These were WAY more sticky than I've ever had to deal with. Anyway..... Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!!
      **Regarding the recipe. Both recipes that I've tried have come from Martha Stewart. The one I used for the skulls is SUPER SOFT and STICKY and not easy to work with. I literally had to use my fingernails to dig them off the wax paper that was recommended to put the marshmallow on. Instead, next time I will go back to the tried and true recipe I've used the last 5 years (i think) for holiday gifts. Marshmallow Snowflakes was what they were called but I don't bother cutting them with cookie cutters. I just slice them with a knife and throw them into a bowl of powdered sugar (NOT corn starch as is recommended. bleh!) and they turn out fab! I've even put drops of red food coloring and added couple drops of peppermint flavor to the vanilla for a tasty winter treat. Mmmm! **

      Wednesday, October 29, 2008

      Tutorial: How to make a screenshot in DS

      First, with DS open you will want to create a new, blank tab/page. This is an empty tab/page in you DS file that when the preview button is clicked will show the cut lines of your creation.

      As long as all of your tabs have their "Include in preview" checked (Right click anywhere on the virtual mat to bring up this menu) ....

      ...you can go to the blank tab, click Preview and this will give you a clean image of what your file contains. Black outlines for welded shapes, colored shapes for unwelded shapes.

      Now, take a picture of what's on your screen. To do this simply push the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

      Now, open your photo editing software. Most pcs have the Paint program on them. It is found in the Accessory file:

      When you open Paint it will look like this: {without my logo in the middle of the screen of course ;o) }

      PASTE your ScreenShot. (push the Ctrl key and the V key)

      In the upper right corner are some tools. Click on the Dotted Rectangle "Select" button so that it is highlighted.

      Move your mouse to the picture of your screenshot. Hold the LEFT mouse button down, pull your mouse diagonally across your picture and draw a rectangle around what you want to include in your screenshot. Let go of your mouse button. You will have a dotted line around the specific area of your screenshot that you want in your picture.
      Copy this (Ctrl and C)
      Go to the top of the screen, select File and New. Say NO when it asks if you want to save the current file
      Then Paste (Ctrl and V) You should now have the smaller more concise picture of your screenshot .

      Now we need to get rid of the extra white space around the picture.
      Go to the bottom right corner of the white space. Click in the white space. You will see a small handle appear in the bottom right corner of the white space.

      Move your cursor over the little handle and your cursor will turn into black double ended arrows. Hold down the LEFT mouse button and drag this handle up diagonally so that it gets rid of the white space, stopping at the edge of your screen shot.

      Did you cut off part of your screenshot? Undo your screen cropping by holding down the Ctrl button with the Z.

      If you're happy with your screen crop, then you're ready to save your file. Cricut will not accept .bmp file types. So when you save your file you need to make sure you change the file to .jpg (or .gif ). Click on the drop down box next to Save as type. Select jpeg.

      Your picture is now ready to post on the message board or your blog.
      Hope this helps.

      Tutorial: How to post a picture on message board

      This question has come up several times so let me see if I can help shed some light on the subject for those to chicken to ask (lol).

      Q: I want to post a picture of my project but I don't know how to do it. Help!

      A: There are three ways to add a picture to the message board.

      (1) In a New Post

      (2) In a Post Reply

      (3) Editing an existing post

      The your first step will be determined by Where/How you want to post your picture.

      If you want to add a picture to a NEW POST. You want to create a new thread and add a picture in your post. Click on the New Post button at the top of the message board forum screen

      If you want to add a picture to an existing thread, click on the Post Reply button at the top of the screen in the thread where you want to post your picture

      If you want to add a picture to a thread that you already wrote but forgot to add your picture to the thread, click on Edit in the top right corner of the thread you want your picture to appear in

      After that... all of the steps are mostly the same.

      at the bottom of your post window you will see the words "Click here to upload file." Roll your mouse over the words. They are a link. Click on them.

      A small window will open. Click on the Browse button and find the picture that you want to post in your message. Take note: The message board will not accept any files that are not .gif, .txt or .jpg nor will they allow a file that is larger than 200KB.

      After you select your file click Open. The message board will tell you if your file has been uploaded successfully. Click OK.

      Don't forget... if you want the picture to appear in the message check the box next to "Embed picture in post." If you don't check the box your attachment will appear as the word "Attachment" and viewers will have to click on the word Attachment to view your picture.

      This step is slightly different if you are Editing an existing post. You will click on a dropdown arrow and select Embed picture in post.
      Hope this helps.

      Tutorial: Using Multiple Carts in DS

      Q: I was wondering how does it work with using 2 different carts on one cut? How do you switch the carts and how does the cricut work? I wanted to ask before I did anything so I don't mess anything up. TIA

      A: Whether you are cutting a shape or a word book or any design that requires the use of multiple cartridges you will do the same thing.

      When you are ready to cut your file, load your cricut machine as you would if you were not using DS. Make sure you have paper on your mat, your mat is loaded into your machine and that you have a cartridge in the port.

      Click the Cut button

      You will first be asked if you want DS to check for your cartridges via a connected Jukebox or if you will put each individual cartridge in one-by-one. Make sure you use your mouse to click on OK or Cancel. I have had personal experience where I saw that Cancel was highlighted so I hit my Enter button and I had problems because DS accepted my Enter stroke as OK instead of Cancel.

      If you are putting each cartridge in one-by-one, DS will then ask you to input each cartridge and ask you to select OK or Cancel. If you mistakenly click Cancel DS will tell your bug not to cut the shapes from that cartridge. Make sure your mouse is clearly over the OK button so you don't mistakenly click the edge of the Cancel button. If you do click Cancel by mistake you will need to cancel your cutting when it begins. Close DS and shut off your bug then restart DS and turn on your bug. This will clear the memory so you can start over.
      That's it. DS will walk you through it each step of the way.

      Sunday, October 26, 2008

      Tutorial: Adding links

      I've been asked this questions multiple times. It's not exactly Cricut related but I did say I'd answer any questions asked of me to the best of my ability. So here goes....

      When you create or edit a post you will have a window similar to the one pictured below.

      At the top of the window are several tools for formatting your post including one called a "Link" tool. It looks like a chain link and a globe.

      First you need to get the web address that you want to be linked to. Then, highlight the words or picture that you want to be the item you click on to be taken to the other web address. Click on the Link tool. A small box will open up:

      Type or paste the web address of the site that you want to connect to and click OK.

      Ta-da! you have created a link. You can use it to link to other websites or to the host site to download your .cut files.

      Regarding .cut files.... Blogs won't let you upload a .cut file into a post to share with others because they do not support the file type. You will need to use a 3rd party hosting site. (i.e.: Mediafire, Driveway, Sendspace....) If anyone can recommend a good file hosting site that lets you host .cut files without being forced to deal with obnoxious advertising or popups I'd REALLY love to know about it. Sendspace doesn't have the popups that Mediafire has but if you don't pay for their Max service your files are automatically deleted from your list after 14 days from the last download.

      Hope that answers your questions about linking in your blog posts. :o)

      -*-*-*-*- -*-*-*-*- -*-*-*-*- -*-*-*-*-
      Q: I have a question. Some times people say click here and if you click it goes to the link, like a blog or a website how do you do that.
      A: Apparently I wasn't clear. Let me try again.
      Let's say I want you to click HERE to go to the Cricut message board.
      • Step one: Get the web address for the Cricut message board. Copy it.
      • Step two: type out the word(s) that you want to have be the link (what you want people to click on to go to the site)
      • Step three: highlight the word that you want to be the link. (At the beginning of the word hold down your left mouse button and drag it to the end of the word.)
      • Step four: click on the hyperlink button (described and pictured above)
      • Step five: put the web address for the cricut message board in the box of the small window that pops up on screen. Click OK
      Voila! you've turned the word into a link.

      Baby card

      ***NOTE: during one of the recent updates (after I made the cards below) the DS programmers changed the No Cut Zone boundaries. The files .cut needed to be altered to accommodate these changes. If you have a problem with the .cut file it may be because you received the pre-update file. Please let me know and I'll send the updated file to you. Thanks!***

      I thought I had posted this a long time ago. Wow! I created this file ages ago for myself. Then I shared it on the cricut message board before I had my blog. I guess I just forgot to post it here.

      Three files in one: A basic onesie shape card plus the scallop accents for a girlie onesie or stripe accents for a boyish onesie.

      • Baby bug compatible.

      Saturday, October 25, 2008

      nugget box

      My first nugget box to hold 4 nuggets (2 rows of 2). They are great gifts. I whipped this up as a request for Susan who just got her baby bug. BIG THANKS to Chris at Splitcoast for working out all of the measurements. Woohoo!

      • All George
      • Baby bug compatible

      Friday, October 24, 2008

      Round Tab punch

      Carrie requested the "Round tab punch" from SU. I'm not able to log in to the Cricut message board because of some server error. (If anyone is able to let her know that would be great!)

      • All-One-Object! :o) so it can be resized to what ever size you want !!  
      • Use Hide Select Contour to hide the extra brackets.
      • Used shapes from George and Plantin.... you will need both carts to cut this one.

        Thursday, October 23, 2008

        Not the Great Pumpkin...

        My sis called and had some questions about putting the small pumpkin together. If she had issues, my guess is a few others may have some problems too.

        I hope this helps.
        The flaps which create the top and bottom of the pumpkin are smaller than the taller pumpkin I created. You won't be able to overlap them exactly on top of each other. The circles will touch but only cover the circle next to it about half way.
        And if you leave a flap unattached you can tuck it inside and it will hold. Then open it so you can put a battery operated tea light inside.

        The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.....

        Charlene requested a water spigot

        and a water spout
        • Both all George

          Wednesday, October 22, 2008

          Triangle shape box

          Have you seen Julie's cute triangle box? Haven't had a chance to make it yet but it's on the top of my list next time I need a cool gift bag!

          And with Cricut DS so it will come together super fast too!
          • All George
          • Not baby bug compatible.
          • Two styles in the same file: (1) straight top edge; and (2) scalloped top edge

          Fry box

          Finally had some motivation (and some time) to try out one of my fry boxes. I saw this cutest idea to make crinkled french fries ... had to try it.

          For the french fries, after cutting the "fries" and folding along the score lines, run the paper through a crimper to create the crinkle fry appearance. Adhere the flap to create a sleeve, then insert a smarties candy.

          Below is a picture of the large frybox with the fat free homemade fries in it :o) (hehehe!)

          • All George

          Altering Paint Cans

          Alex found a site with instructions for altering a gallon size paint can. She requested assistance in setting up a .cut file so that she could easily make them quickly and easily.

          • All George
          • Baby bug compatible
          • Expression (12x12 mat) compatible
          • Please note:  Not all paint cans are identical. You may need to make some small alterations to the file.

          Alex has cut the file and says it works beautifully. I'm hoping for pictures soon (hint hint!)

          Tuesday, October 21, 2008

          Ghost Rider

          Sherry asked for a Ghost Rider using PDDU. The only thing I know about Ghost Rider is that it was a movie that came out last year. Sherry provided this picture.

          I used it and a few Google searches and came up with this:
          You will need to cut the head off the paper doll and replace it with the skull.

          • All Paper Dolls and George

            Doily edge

            Georgina asked for a doily edge. She specifically wanted it in 2"-3" in width. I created the hole punched bit as an All-One-Object so it can easily be sized and shortened/lengthened by copying and pasting or deleting a segment to fit what you want. You just have to add the circle and rectangle bit behind it to create the whole edge. (I hope that made sense).

            • All George
            • Requires the August update of DS

            HEY y'all... check out CraftyAnny's terrific Christmas card that she made using this doily edge. It's fab!
            And here is a beautiful card that Georgina made with this cut file! Love it!

            Tea bag pocket

            Nicky requested a tea bag pocket. She gave me a link to one published by Stampington.com and asked if I could make her one that she could cut with her cricut.

            • All George
            • Finished size 3"x 2 1/2"
            • Baby bug compatible.
            ***Picture of a pocket created with my cut file coming soon...***

            Candy corn card

            Linda requested a candy corn shaped card
            The picture below was the card she saw at JustMousinAround that she wanted to be able to make with her cricut and her gooey punch. I created the basic shape card and a single top layer which can be cut to fit as necessary by the user. My drippy goo border is bigger than the punch but maybe it can be adjusted to fit.....

            • All George
            • Baby bug compatible.
            • Finished size 4 1/4"x 5 1/2"
            ***picture of a card using my .cut file coming soon...***

            Hockey Player

            Lisa was looking for a Hockey Player

            • Paper Dolls and George

              Monday, October 20, 2008

              CD box

              In case you have the need for a cute box to wrap a CD in. This should do the trick!

              As you can see, the box is not only big enough to fit a cd case inside (thus the name of the box) ...
              It can also hold a sweet treat (11 mints)
              Or makes for a great "get well" kit (8 drink mixes and a handful of lozenges)
              • Not baby bug compatible. Sorry.
              • My 4x4 "top note" is also fits perfectly on top too :o)
              • Papers: leaf (DCWV); Scroll (Anna Griffith); stripe (scrap from stash)
              • Brown marker
              • Ribbon: Michael's dollar basket