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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tutorial for Coffin Box

I received a plea for help to get the coffin box put together. It is an all-one-piece box so it may seem a wee bit complicated but if you can fold, pinch and hold you can do this!
You need either a good quick drying glue or super double stick tape. I used glue. I like the Scotch Quick Dry because most importantly it's quick drying! It also helps that it has a tiny spout on it and that I can stand the bottle upside down on its lid so it's ready to use the second I pick it up.

OK, first up score and cut the file. Use an embossing/engraving/scoring blade in the blade housing. I am making this box using DCWV glittered paper. It's a great paper weight (Blade at 3 or 4, pressure at medium or high). I put my machine on 4 and high so that you could actually see the score lines in the picture below but honestly 3 and medium would have probably been just fine.
Select the Score Lines - DO NOT CUT!! tab. Load your mat with your paper on it and click Cut.
When the machine is done scoring Do not touch any buttons on the machine. Don't unload the mat. Don't hit Load Last. The only thing you need to do is take the embossing blade out and insert your cutting blade. Change your blade depth and pressure to suit your paper (again, with the DCWV paper I usually go with depth 5, pressure high). Click on the box tab. Cut out your box. This is what you should have when you are done scoring and cutting the box out.

Fold all of the score lines. Everything will fold the same direction: towards the inside of the box.

Now, one by one, put a bit of glue (or tape) on each tab and glue it to the side of the box or lid that is next to it. The picture below is blurry but the white stripe on the tab is glue. I was trying to show that you don't need much glue to hold the box together.

Pinch and hold the tab to the side wall of the box (or lid) for a moment. Then move on to the next tab.

Before long you'll have glued all of the tabs to all of the side walls and your box will look like this

and when you close it, it will look like this. When adhering the tabs do your best not to overlap the side wall beyond the fold line.

Hopefully this will help those of you with questions on how to put this box together.
Read about scoring using your cricut here.


  1. Jen

    Where do you get a scoring blade?


  2. Thank you, thank you, so cute!!

  3. whaou owsome,i like this one you have 1 great site thanks for scharing

  4. You amaze me with all your talen and willingness to share. Thank you. Leslie

  5. Ok, still surfing your site. Where do you get a scoring blade for the cricut?

  6. Love your blog and I am looking forward to making one of the coffins for my desk at work. I saw the instructions on scoring (where do you get one of those blades) but haven't found the cut file for the coffin. I'll keep looking.

  7. Ilove your Blog I have a daughter of 22years that loves coffins skulls etc.I know she would love to make this

  8. HI,

    my husband loves halloween and would love this coffin box.


    Kim talented1955@yahoo.com

  9. Getting ready for Halloween!

  10. I am so going to use this for halloween gifts for grandkids

  11. Oh my gosh! You rule!!! Love your designs. Please may I request cut files for COFFIN, TOP NOTE DS STYLE, and TAKE OUT container? All of you talented women make me look good by using your designs. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generosity in sharing with us. Rose e-mail: rosewil54@yahoo.com

  12. may i please have the cut file for this.
    thank you so much.


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