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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sweet Treat!!

I just love office supplies and fun boxes and bags. I don't know why. I think it's a sickness. LOL

I only mention this because it has to do with my next project. A couple weeks ago I was out running some errands and found the coolest taffy box. It was shaped like taffy!!
Had to have it!!
Had to know how to make it!
Had to be able to create one!
(insert sinister laugh.... Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!!!)

It was a lot easier than I thought. And now I can make then in minutes YAY!!!

Originally, I made it with chipboard thinking that the box needed extra thickness and stability. As it turns out, the chip board works well but it cuts just as well from cardstock!! Double stick tape is not strong enough to hold the twist ends of the box together. Definitely needs redliner (super duty) double stick tape.

Here was my first box - had to test my pattern of course :o)
Front of box:

From the side:

And, when you undo the twist ends, the box folds flat. Great for storage!! :o)

See how nice the end closes up... nothing should fall out of the box once it's closed (unless you fill it with microbeads or something.)

So, the straight edge on the box ends worked so well, i had to see if a wavy edge would work too. YUP!!! :o) This was also my first attempt at using cardstock instead of chipboard. WIN! WIN!

And here, I altered my pattern and put a window in it. Put acetate in the window so the treat inside won't fall out. (That's not good! hate it when I receive an empty gift box as a gift :0( )

Finished size is about 6 1/2" wide including closures by 2 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" deep. The box area is 4 1/2" wide

Cricut cartridge info: All George and Plantin Schoolbook. Decorations on Halloween themed box were created with MickeyFont and Paperdolls cartridges. The window is on a separate tab so you aren't forced to cut a window in every box. If you want the window, don't remove the mat from your cutter after you cut your box. After it completes its cut, click in DS on the window tab and select cut again and your bug will do the rest.
Papers: All DCWV.
Read here to see how I use my cricut machine to score the cardstock.


  1. I love your box, blog, and everything on it. Thanks so much for sharing all of your talent. Do you have a cut file for the box with the hole cut out? If so, I would love to have the cut file if you don't mind sharing it.

  2. You are so creative. I enjoy all of your creations and I always look forward to the next. Thanks for sharing. Jody

  3. I think this box is amazing! I hope I can figure out how to put is together. TFS!

  4. Hi Jen,

    Could you add the scoring directions to your blog about the candy box? I know you commented on the cricut mb, but not on your blog.


  5. This box is adorable! I would love to have the cut file, please. I will pm you on the cricut forum. Thank you for sharing your talent! Mary101, Cricut forum

  6. Great work on the candy box!!!
    Would love a copy of the file.

  7. Wow Jen how cute!

  8. Jen I just love this box. You are so talented. Can I please have this cut file. Thank You!

  9. I would love to have a copy of this file...its great!! I want to use it for a wedding

  10. I would love a copy of this file .... to use for wedding favors.........I may need alot :)of them.
    Thanks sooo much

  11. This is perfect for stocking gifts and treats at the office. Thanks!


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