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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sports3: Hockey

There is a hockey team in Lincoln that has a really cool logo. It's a star that turns into a hockey stick .... A lady needed a cut file: A 5" tall star and a 3" tall star. Including the double layers

Turned out really cool I think!


  1. Turned out way better than cool! That is awesome!

  2. My sons both have played ice hockey for many years and it is not in the main stream of sports, I appreciate any materials I can get, and this is way too cool!!!

  3. Jen,
    You made this for me, but DH has the laptop with DS installed on it, so I haven't tried it out yet. Thanks for creating it!

  4. Great star/stick. One question. I have an 12 x 12 fully ready for pics album that I am donating to a silent auction (one of the players mom has a few months to live - dad just found out he has cancer - not good). Would you mind if I put this on the corner of the front and back pages? I have a similar album posted - I can email you info - and can put your name on. I wasn't sure how licensing worked here - I won't make any money from this (donating album, pages, embellies, etc.), but don't want to take something I shouldn't. (would prefer to email you, but not sure how)

  5. Scraprageous, yes, please feel free to use in the donated album. I didn't have your email address so I couldn't contact you directly. I am "JenC." on the cricut message board if you need to reach me.

  6. Jen,

    My sister-in-law's son plays on a hockey team called "the stars." This would be perfect for her. Which cartridge(s) did you use? Could I have this cut file, too? I have added you to my favorites list on my computer, because I love everything you create. Hope you don't mind sharing all your files! Thanks again!


  7. I have so many nephews in hockey and I would love your hockey cut files. Thank you


  8. would love anything to do with hockey. Also, is there somewhere on the filethat shows what cart you usedbefore I request a file from you? Don't want to waste your time if it's from a cart I don't have?


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