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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flower card and shaped card tutorial

Many people are curious HOW I do what I do. Well, I can't go back and show you every step I took to create Tink or the Monkey but I can show you how I made this cute flower card.

Tools needed:
Cricut machine
Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge
Design Studio
Computer connection to Cricut machine
Cutting mat
Cardstock (green, white, pink)
Scoring tool
Glitter glue, markers for embellishing

I determined that I wanted the finished card to be no bigger than 4 ¼” x 5 ½” so it could fit inside an envelope that I have in my stash.

I set up a few tabs to work on
The first had the basic outline of what my card boundaries would be: George square sized to 11” x 4 ¼” and clicked weld so when I Preview the file I see just an outline.

On the next tab, I created the flower-shaped card base.
I selected Shadow feature and moved the sizing guide to 4.”

Selected the Shadow feature + Flower from Plantin Schoolbook. I put the flower on the right side of the 11" wide outline area. I clicked weld, copied and pasted a second flower, then clicked Flip so I would have a mirror image of the first flower. I moved the second flower to the far right of the first making sure their petals just touched. This would create the center of the card. Looking at my layout I saw that I still had a LOT of space left over in my rectangle which I was happy about. I knew I wanted to add a leaf. Now I know how much space I have to work with. I added a Shadow feature + Leaf (also from PS) to one side of the flower rotating it around so that the tip pointed up and a second leaf pointing down on the opposite page.

On another layer I clicked Preview so that I could see the cut line for the card shape I had created. Then I selected a standard 4” flower (without the shadow feature). I moved it over to the right flower to be sure it would fit inside the shape of the flower shaped card I had made.

I cut out the base of the card. Using my Fiskars paper trimmer and a scoring blade I scored the fold line for the card where the petals touch.

You can use your machine keypad to cut the 4" flower for the top, or use DS to cut it. Adhere it to the shaped card base on the right side. Cut out a 1" circle for the center. Again, it can be cut using DS or using your machine keypad without DS.

Added detail with a yellow-orange marker.

Added a bit of glitter glue to the edge of the leaves and the center of the flower.

And (phew!) the card will easily fit inside my envelope.


  1. Jen, I just LOVE your blog... your tutorial is excellent. Thank you again for all of your hard work and to be so willing to share.
    Sandy from Ukiah

  2. Jen, your blog is awesome! Thank you so much for adding a tutorial for some of us who are not quite so handy with using CDS. You did a wonderful job with the photos and lesson. Once again thank you for your hard work and big heart.

    Linda C

  3. Thank you for the instructions. You really help those of us who WANT to learn.

  4. Great card and great tutorial.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Take care, marcia

  5. Jen I just love this card and thank you for the tutorial.

  6. Hi, thankyou soooo much for sharing your great ideas

  7. Jen - Appreciate the tutorial on how you made the card. Hopefully this will help me understand how it's done and attempt to some things of my own. Thanks for taking the time to share!


  8. I think you've become my new favorite site. ;-)

  9. Just checking in to see what is new and realized I hadn't seen this before. Thanks for the tutorial.


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