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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flashback to my childhood

A request for Cherries...

I haven't eaten cherries for years.... When I was a child my family owned an organic cherry farm. We worked on the farm every summer. It was a great way to earn money for school clothes and things. But being around all those cherries I lost the taste for them. I still will eat a cherry candy from time to time but haven't eaten the actual fruit in ages....

Cherries. All George


  1. Makes me think of that kid game hi ho cherry ohs

  2. LOVE IT!!! We had 2 sour cherry trees in our back yard when we were growing up and I can remember climbing them and picking them for the neighbors and our Aunts and Uncles. I still love them though! LOL My kitchen is done in cherries and so is my sisters. I even have 2 cherry purses, 1 pair of cherry capris, 2 sets of cherry earrings, etc. I'm just a cherry nut. I even bought the Cuttlebug die cut cherries after seeing them at a card class that I took.

    Thanks for sharing and making these!!! Woo hoo

  3. Girl-
    I love cherries too! Being from MI & all!!!
    My dd is a big anything cherry fan!
    Thanks again & I love your 'puter designs!
    TFS your cut files!!

  4. I just saw a "Cherry Birthday" party idea on Tip Junkie.
    This is awesome.


  5. I love your cherries! We have a cherry tree in our front yard and every year my DD climbs and picks for an afternoon. Thanks for sharing!


  6. I would certainly appreciate your cut file of the cherries. I already have a card idea forming in my head. TIA


  7. These are so cute! I'd love the cut file for them.

    Tine (Cricut mb)

  8. I love your cherries - please share! The kids were eating cherries all weekend, and I have some photos I would love to scrap


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