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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flame job!

"Ramone will paint you up right!"
hehehe! Sorry, been watching Cars a lot recently with my 3yr old. He loves that movie!
Some time ago Misty requested flames for a page she was creating about her hubby's monster truck.


OH... i forgot to mention... This is ALL George!
Guess what!?!? Misty posted pictures of her hubby's RC truck using the flames as reference for when he painted it. Doesn't it totally ROCK??! Nice job Misty's hubby!


  1. OH Jen
    THis is great My DH just traded in his harley to buy me the 45th Anniversary addition Ford Mustang. And this would be great for the layout that I am working on. I named my car My little pony (of course I have to use the ford mustang pony.. ) Thanks for all your hard work and your blog is great. Nina

  2. My husband and daughter loves flames always drawing them on her binders. Thanks for sharing Jen

  3. With 3 little boys around you never know when you will need flames!!! TFS!

  4. Love the flames! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Waay too cool. I tried to recreate some shape myself and the insane small bits and pieces I had to do to follow curves was too crazy to actually recreate and cut.

    I love these flames. I may have to download this file and adjust it to alter my ATG!

  6. Whoa.. I compleltey forgot I asked about this.. I never did cut it!

    I should tho huh :)

    Thanks again Jen, its great... I will cut it sooner or later and put it to use!

  7. Jen, I had to download the flames as I have a little 4 yr. old who is into anything with flames! I remembered that you had done a file so I came looking. Thanks

  8. Hi Jen, I would love this cut file if you dont mind. My girl puts flames and skulls on everything. If you would email to me at mommylala1@yahoo.com thank you thank you thank you :)

  9. this is wonderful thanks for sharing

  10. Hi there,

    I've seen your flame on the messageboard of Cricut and thought it was great. My boyfriend just loves the flame that you have created, although he would like it bigger. Can you send us a copy of this flame and how did you do it and what program you used, etc? We just recently purchased a Cricut and are still learning. However it is you do it, you sure are great at creating.

    Thank you


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